NeoGAFers Read This

  • You are all welcome here.
  • This forum is not, nor will it ever be, NeoGAF.
  • If you are looking for the next NeoGAF you are going to be swiftly and profoundly disappointed.
  • Those who found NeoGAF’s moderation too harsh for their personal or political views should review Waypoint as a site and the forum rules before deciding that this is their new Internet home.

In the past 24 hours, our site’s population has grown by over 1,000 new users. We share these numbers to give new users an idea of the effect the influx has had on our community. In the last month previously, there were 265 new users. We also want our users who were here before the influx and have made the Waypoint forums what they are to know that we are working hard to maintain the established experience and will not let it become something else.

There are certain types of posts that were totally cool over at NeoGAF that aren’t here. Posts such as raw sales data, news repository posts, box office threads, sales threads, review aggregation threads, site specific threads (breaks rule 10), investigative stuff (breaks rule 10), and things of that nature are going to be closed because we don’t feel they fit the paradigm that we want to uphold here at Waypoint. This is a forum focused on inclusivity and discussion and we want to keep it that way.

This is not a forum that centers around video gaming as a consumerist property, but rather a community of like-minded people that celebrates the kind of perspectives that Waypoint, the site we’re attached to, tries hard to cultivate.

To that end, it’s worth mentioning that this forum is moderated differently than NeoGAF and you should read and internalize the Rules and Code of Conduct, always viewable at the top of each page. The mods take them seriously and you should as well.

A couple answers to questions that keep popping up:

  • If you want to make a thread to discuss a specific game, movie, artist, or other artistic work, please feel free. If you plan for your thread to contain several images, please add the tag [Image-Heavy] in the topic title, so that users on connections with data caps can know what to expect. Same with spoilers.

  • That said, this is not a news aggregator forum. I don’t mean that pejoratively, it’s just not what this place is. We will be closing threads that have OPs with links but no attempt to lead discussion. We want your OP to be a jumping off point for further discussion, not links shared for the sake of sharing. If you saw / read / watched something that made you make a thread about it, we want you to lead the discussion with why that thing inspired you to make a thread.

  • Waypoint mods have been communicating with the mods of the GAF Discord. Theirs is temporarily locked. Waypoint’s is also temporarily locked.

  • There is a 99% chance NeoGAF will be discussed on today (Monday’s) Waypoint Radio. There will be opportunity to discuss it in the dedicated thread for the episode, although it will be regulated to stay on topic with what’s discussed on the show. Until then, we encourage you to take a look around.

An abbreviated list of things to not do:

Bring beef from another platform here.

Make jokes in the pronoun field. The team is committed to the safety of our marginalized users, so we feel having guidelines for pronoun usage on the forums encourages the user base to take them seriously. It helps everyone communicate with other forum posters using the pronouns they go by and is inclusive.

What does your username signify?

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