Neon Genesis Evangelion Movies Etc


Hey everyone,

I’m close to finishing the Evangelion TV series (holy s*** this is wild), and want to get into the movies afterwards.

I saw the announcement on Polygon today that “3.33” might be a thing. But, my question is, what is 3.33, 1.11, and 2.22? Are these remakes of the anime series? Or stand-alone movies? Or something completely different?


It’s a mix of the two, called the “Rebuild of Evangelion” tetralogy. 1.11 and 2.22 are essentially a retelling of the original series, but by the end of it goes into an entirely different direction. Then 3.0 shows up and it’s all new content. Like anything relevant to Neon Genesis, it’s either loved or completely hated, haha.


Watch End of Evangelion after you finish the series. An alternate ending to the last two episodes. Even if you have mixed feelings about how it went down, it’s still visually stunning and you can check that box of having watched it.


I actually heard a theory that blew my mind about the Rebuilds a while ago. Someone said that they’re actually a sequel series that branches off of End of Evangelion. And cited the fact that the ocean is uninhabitable in the rebuilds because it’s actually the ocean from after EoE since they’re both red. So the rebuild movies are essentially some weird biological time loop. Probably looking too much into things but it’s a cool idea at least.

As for whether or not I like them? They’re okay. They’re very beautiful as far as animated movies go. I don’t know if I was ever invested enough in Evangelion to hate them at least. Plus you get more of that good good Evangelion OST.


Finish the series, then watch End of Evangelion, and then do some reading about it to get some context that you’ll probably find important if you’ve enjoyed the series. THEN you can watch 1.11, 2.22, etc.

These movies are billed as “Rebuild of Evangelion,” implying that they are a remake/reboot of the series, and 1.11 definitely feels that way, but they start to diverge from the original story pretty quickly, especially in 2.22. There’s a well-supported theory that these movies are technically sequels. I buy it, not everybody does, but just in case you do, I’d recommend making sure you see “End of Evangelion” after you finish the TV series and before you see anything from the rebuild movies.

Seriously, though, read some critical discourse and history about how the show got made, why it turned out the way it did, and how all of these stories and timelines interact and intersect - it’s WILD. Short version: they ran out of money and had to rush the final couple of episodes for the original TV show, which might explain part of why those episodes turned out they way they did. Some time later, there was a movie called “The End of Evangelion,” which could be seen as a replacement/alternative ending made with a much higher budget. Also the director had/has some serious mental health stuff he was/is working through, and his perspective is an interesting and vital lens through which to view his work.


Ahaha, yeah, that loop theory is quite fun. Maybe far-fetched, but I guess we might finally get the answer in EVA 3.0+1.0!

I’ve heard another spin on this one, which tries to account for the very different tone of the Rebuild movies.
It’s very striking in the Rebuilds that the shounen saviour tropes are all played straight. Especially so in 2.0. Shinji seems to be the actual hero on whom everyone must rely at all times, Rei and Asuka seem to exist for the sole purpose of motivating him, and lack any psychological background. (I guess 3.0 did better/different, though it’s still hard to evaluate without a conclusion!)

What this theory says is that the world of the Rebuilds is in some way just another dream world like the one in Episode 26. It plays straight all of Shinji’s boyish aspirations because it’s just that, a world of escapism and wish-fulfilment.

And so, naturally, EVA 3.0+1.0 is supposed to be the End of EVA of the Rebuilds, and reverse all that we’ve seen until now.

Personally, I think this theory is mostly fans trying to deal with the tone shift (and possibly reading too much into Anno’s creative decisions), but I’d be definitely pleasantly surprised if it turned out true! 3.0 was already interesting, I’m really looking forward to 3.0+1.0.


Love that Evangelion is getting some play on the waypoint Forum! I found the entire series on DVD at a used bookstore for 40 bucks a while back. They obviously didn’t know what they had so I snapped it all up immediately.

I haven’t seen any of the remake films, I’m looking for a legal way to buy them all.


Ok, so I’ve gotten through all the tv shows… and need to hear all the best fan theories and breakdown of this. Where should I be looking?


You should def watch End of Evangelion before getting into analysis.


Thanks for the heads up. Off to Amazon!