Net Neutrality to be repealed


The vote’s in, and folks, it’s really, really bad. I’ve heard about how they’ll have to defend the decision in court, so it’s not quite over yet, but that seems contingent on the court’s understanding of the internet and what this legislation would do to it.

I’m scared, y’all.


Yeah, this is a blow to be sure. Hopefully the courts find the process arbitrary, capricious and against the will of the public.

Still, we need to keep pressure on the legislature.


Excuse me for being self-centred, but what, if any, are the effects of this decision for those outside of the US? I imagine ISPs in other countries are still beholden to the same laws as they were before this vote.

It’s probably business as usual and only the US is getting fucked here (which sucks btw), but I would not be surprised if this was one of the many times where American national politics had a widespread effect on the world that had no say in the decision.


This Vice report shows how other countries (Canada in this case) can be affected by the FCC ruling. Stop making things worse for the rest of us America!


They still need to get pass court and congress and that a much larger fight than their 5 person vote. This isn’t the end so to all my American get your voices out there.


Oh okay. So it’s a lot of indirectly making the internet shittier for everywhere else and setting the ball in motion to repeal net neutrality in every other country due to the US still ridiculously being the centre of global political attention and not, thankfully, direct impact on internet usage.

Still, very serious issue for the rest of the world and one that makes me hate the fact that the world continues to revolve around a political tire fire.


Pretty much. And given the not-even-trying-to-hide-it-anymore monopolistic behavior of Canada’s big telecoms, I suspect that will happen sooner rather than later.


I really wish Canada would catch-up to Saskatchewan (of all provinces) and have a national crown ISP.


Oh god yes. My wife lived a year in Saskatoon and will not shut up about how cheap her phone bill and car insurance was. Stupid Ontario…


You would think that with Trump in office people would finally realise that the US is a immense pile of filth, but the allure of, whatever the fuck it is, is probably still strong.

Everyone wants to be mini USAs, and honestly I’m a bit fed up with it.