Net neutrality - We god darn need it!

I’m surprises no one bringing it up. We need to talk about what we can do to make sure Net neutrality is still around for may reason, even being on this forum at all.
Because I do not want to be block from my favorite websites like Waypoint to some sort of bootleg site that the ISP holder owns, that not how my internet should work.


I know it’s preaching to the choir, but all I can really say is call your congress representative and make sure they know you want to keep protect net neutrality. You can find out who represents you here.

There are also many bots and websites made to help make the process of contacting your representative easier like resistbot and the like, and they are good, but I’m old school and like to call myself and email. These people receive the same scripts everyday and while that does send the message loud and clear, a personal touch is a good reminder to your representative (or the person receiving the call/email) that the job of a representative is to represent actual people.

EDIT: While you’re at it, make a big stink over tax reform too.

EDIT 2: as @Catamari mentioned in their response to this, resistbot, and stance are both convenient and helpful for those with phone anxiety or any anxiety, plus they allow you to make your own messages. I apologize for my above post being dismissive of both of those things and like, yeah, use em! (Keeping old writing above for the sake of reference)

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I… well I guess I also really want to know who exactly New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman is referring to with the vague “bad actors” in this:

Given a bit over 6 months ago I heard about:

For someone with phone anxiety, having access to tools like Resistbot is very important, please do not diminish that. Also Resistbot faxes whatever message you send it, so you can send it a script someone wrote or write your own message.

For other useful tools, there’s Stance, an app that lets you record a message and send it to your representative.


I did not mean to diminish it, and you make a good point. Thank you for making me aware of my oversight. I will edit my post.

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Today is the day of the vote, everyone. And, by the looks of it, looks like it will be repealed by a 3-2 partisan vote.


That NY AG still sounds like they’re pretty convinced this is an issue of mass fraud and a hostile FCC who refuse to assist in finding out who is involved in an identity theft case huge enough to concern governments under normal conditions of democratic law. *looks directly to camera*

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If y’all didn’t already know, Ajit Pai is not only an asshole, he’s a condescending, lame dad joke making asshole who dances with pizzagate conspiracy theorists.