'Netrunner' Revised Core Set Creates Competitive Fast Lane for New Players

The revised set promises a "new standard" for the cyberpunk card game.

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I’ve wanted to try this one for a while but have yet to find anyone down to play with me to justify buying it. Maybe this new core set will excite someone else in my circle of gaming friends. We shall see…

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Interestingly, they say that the set will not include any new cards as it only uses cards from the original core set and the first dozen packs. However, the art will updated to “age up” the characters (and I assume update on the metaplot, if there is one? I’m only familiar with the original core set and Terminal Directive). So they intentionally designed it so long-term players won’t feel it’s necessary, but also added lore updates that only long-term players would probably apprecaite.

I recently inherited a bunch of Netrunner cards from a friend (which, funny enough, included all of the cards now included in this updated core set), so it’s nice to hear that FFG is sticking with Netrunner now that I have entered that space.

I regret to inform you that the Waypoint Editor in Chief says, quote:





Time to lie awake at night on an ever growing bed of Netrunner cards that remain untouched save for the gentle caress of lonely hands that wish to play them.

Awesome! It would be great if they had an update pack for those that already have just the core game. Still kinda want to wait on the Legend of the Five Rings card game, which I think is releasing on October 5th. Get Crabby!

It would be even greater if they made a Netrunner RPG to fill the 40k shaped hole in their line up.

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Step 1: Get the sprawl

Step 2: Buy the Worlds of Android sourcebook

Step 3: GAME

From a competitive player of 3ish years this is the most hyped I’ve been for netrunner in over a year. So pumped for core 2.0.

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I’ve the same problem and while it sucks at least we save money

I’m so excited that Darwin will survive the rotation! He’s the best Dino-orca!

HELL YEAH, NO FEAR. Back when I played I was all about facechecking with little to no rig which is such an exhilarating way to play runner.

I traded some old stuff for a bunch of cards a while back, thinking the game seemed really cool, but never really found people to play with. Hopefully this can spark some interest.

I’ll just have to go through what I’ve got to see if it includes anything that’s going out of rotation. My game group tends to be “casually competitive”… Bring our A-game, but still very laid back.

Also seconding the idea of a Netrunner RPG.

I’ve been thinking about trying Netrunner for a good while now, so this might just push me over.

That you can’t host on dinosaurus :confused:

The Sprawl is good but Fantasy Flight is also planning to genericize their Star Wars RPG as Genesys, and they might provide material for Android in it (the announcement says scifi will be one of the five settings described in the core book, and then suggests Android is a great example of hard scifi, but doesn’t quite commit to Android material being in the book?).

edit: Actually, now that I went looking for updates, it has been confirmed there will be a Genesys setting book for Android at a later date, and a bit of Android material in the core book.

Not gonna lie, even if I never play Genesys, I will buy that setting book.