‘Neurocracy’ Is a Murder Mystery That Plays Like a Wikipedia Binge

September 30th 2049. At 16:51 Chinese Standard Time, two corporate heads are assassinated in a helicopter crash: Xu Shaoyong, leader of technology conglomerate Zhupao, and Yuri Olegovich Golitsyn, head of Russia’s largest oil and natural gas company. It’s your job to figure out what the hell happened by scouring a fake successor to Wikipedia for clues. 

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This looks interesting! I don’t think I would want to join the main Discord for fear of spoilers but I could see doing this on a friends only Discord and having fun.

I’m a bit surprised they used Drupal for this. Why not use Mediawiki? It’s already setup for this and I think incorporating the special pages that most users do not know about could be really interesting gameplay mechanics. As an example Protected Titles and Unused Files

Intriguing. I’m definitely into these sorts of games, as long as they are more focused than what some “ARG’s” tend to be. Another game that experimented with a similar formula was In Memoriam from 2003, where you solved a mystery through a combination of real world facts, fake websites created for the game and some multimedia that you would unlock from the disc by proceeding through it. Predictably, most domains created for it seems to have died so it’s likely lost forever.