New Custom Steam Library Cover Art!

So Steam recently changed their library so that it has a more visual focused layout. I kind of like the change, as you get to see horizontal covers for your games when looking in a given category.

One problem: A lot of games you may own probably don’t have this art, or have bad art. Here’s what my platformer section looks like currently:

Ain’t great!

Thankfully, you can add your own custom cover art. A friend of mine has an album here with over 300 different covers so far:

And I started my own, which is just south of 50 at the moment

Feel free to use anything you’d like, and more importantly, use this thread to share custom covers with everyone else. The dimensions you want to use are 400x600. If anyone can make anything better for what we do have done here, feel free.


I don’t have any to contribute but I do wanna say, as someone who just downloaded 45 of them, your efforts haven’t gone unappreciated!

edit: missed a few, it’s more like 52 now.

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My gallery just hit 100 covers.

This reminds me of adding the album art to my iTunes library…

both of these galleries have been extremely helpful because i’m really particular about stuff like this. Thanks!