New Dissidia announced for PS4

Yo! So they finally announced the new Dissidia game is coming here for the PS4. Not much i for but target is “early 2018” and it sounds like more info coming during E3.


I believe this has been in Japanese arcades for a bit? It’s also keeping the same back and forth combat mechanics but increasing it to a team style 3v3 as seems to be popular these days.

Personally i did these style of games and Dissidia is one of my most played Final Fantasy games, so i’m excited for it.

Any fans of the series here? Anyone looking forward to seeing another one?


Yeah, this sounds like a port of the arcade game. The PSP games were fun, so I’m looking forward to this, for sure!

I am so excited. I’ve been looking forward to play this game for a long time. It’s been in Japanese arcades since 2015 (originally shown in February 2015 but released that November). When it was announced, Square Enid said it was built on slightly-altered PS4 hardware so people have been waiting for almost 2 years for this reveal.

Last year they spoke of a possible console release was on hold until FFXV came out. Then recently in February of this year, they spoke about building a story mode for it. Once they mentioned more development on it, I’ve been incredibly excited.

In fact, it was the one game I had serious hopes of being announced at E3 this year… So my E3 has been made days before the first press conference <3

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I’ve been waiting for this. Loved the first game and was really impressed with how much single-player content in provides. They really went out of their way to create a fighting game that appeals to RPG fans, so I’m hoping the same is true here.

The 3v3 combat looks nice and will probably be my preferred way to play it, but it’d be strange if they don’t provide 1v1 at all… Have they said anything about that yet?

And what’s up with announcing this prior to E3? Could they not get a slot at the Sony press conference? Here’s hoping they’re getting it out of the way now so they can blow us away with FF7, KH3, and maybe even DQ11. I mean, one of those has to be there… right?

…and now I need to get a PS4. :frowning:

I really love Dissida, it’s battle system, and the cast of characters. For someone that hasn’t played all the FF games, the characters that I do know are portraits of what I’ve expected. The characters that I don’t know too well, I’ve fallen in love with.

I’m kinda sad this isn’t a portable release, but it would be interesting to see how they use a full controller.

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It has a stage set on my favourite video game location:
Besaid from Final Fantasy X:

Best Fighting Game Ever!


their press release specifically mentioned that they’d be doing a more in depth session at e3. not sure if that means main presentation or on the show floor, but that’s what they sent out.

I doubt it will appear at a Press Conference (maybe just in a montage at Sony’s) but it’s likely to appear during Square Enix’s E3 live stream. SE usually do a live stream every year on Youtube and Twitch.

They also have a segment set for Geoff Keighley’s E3 Coliseum (which is the extra thing they are doing for the public buying tickets to the show). It should be June 13th, 3:15pm PT on Youtube and Twitch.

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So a bunch of new gameplay for this game is up! There’s a few character specific videos that show off some moves. They even had a little demo at the playstation showcase.

my first impressions of the game is that Square Enix wanted some of that big time Gundam Vs money. Stages are much larger and there’s now a boost bar that lets you dash and stay airborne a lot longer. there’s also a 3v3 team focus and a team health bar that depletes when someone goes down.

I’m not sure if ex cores are still in, but they have summon cores now that help build up a summon, which seems to be handled slightly differently?
it’s still got that Bravery risk reward system tho and apparently there might be an option for 1v1 still available.

there’s also a new class system that defines the style of each character, giving them roles of tank, sniper, melee or all rounder.

I hope they give more specifics out soon but so far it looks cool and I hope that it being in arcades for two years helped them refine the chaos of the 3v3 match ups.

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Wherever Kuja goes, I will follow.

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