New Fallout or a Remaster? (Fallout 76)


Bethesda put out a tweet this morning.

New game or remaster of 3 or New Vegas? Personally I would love a new game but a remastered version of 3 or New Vegas would still be welcomed.

They also have a stream going on twitch where some strange things have been going on.


My guess is 4 on the Switch


What I want most of all is a Fallout game from Arkane, in the style of their games. It would be such an interesting and maybe good fit.

But yeah, it’s 4 on Switch.


Anything less than a New Vegas sequel and I absolutely do not care. Mixed feelings about Obsidian recently but I can’t deny they knew how to write a damn video game (it’s in my personal top 10 all time honestly) and nothing Bethesda game studios has made even comes close in that regard (Skyrim and Fallout 4 play better but have stories and characters that are mostly, let’s say, super fucking bland). It’s probably a remaster, port, or a mobile game or something so whatever. Weird murmurs about a Fallout MMO have floated around for years but that seems like a longshot.


Don’t say that lol


A fallout game from Arkane seems like the best possible outcome maybe?


Unlikely, but I hope it’s Fallout 1&2 for Switch.
I hope it’s not Fallout 4 on Switch because Fallout 4 rules and I don’t want to be tempted to buy it a second time. I know some may say 4 is a Bad Game because the story and writing are bad and offensive and the base building is kind of bad and useless and there are hardly any good sidequests but actually it is a Good Game if you don’t look for your son and play on survival and get eaten by packs of wild dogs.


OG Fallout ports are unlikely because the source code has been lost, they’d have to remake the whole thing from scratch.

I think it’s Fallout Shelter 2: Shelter Harder because that’s the most funny option


I would be interested with Fallout 4 on the switch…if it could run it. But I’ve just purchased Skyrim! I need some more time to crack on with that!


Fallout 4 on the Switch would be the most interesting of Beth’s boring rereleases because the engine’s busted and there’s no last-gen version to base anything off of. I know Skyrim’s Switch version had some stuff from SE, but i imagine (by total conjecture) it was still easier to port when all the geometry/map layout was still made to scale to a PS3’s memory and a 360’s CPU. FO4’s… isn’t, it’s got CPU bottlenecks out the wazoo for any dense urban environment with decent shadowcasting, so it’d be super neat to see them cram it onto a Switch.

I don’t want to come off as the usual Obsidian-worshiping PC Gamer™ type though, I’m almost more comfortable with New Vegas staying in its fascist-populated woke-channer corner in the discourse. Fallout 4’s writing is bad and more than flirts with bog-standard shitty political ideas Because Gameplay, but it’s not fleshed-out with attempted justifications and not central to why people are fans of it. That doesn’t excuse it by any means, it just means the discourse around it has a lot less fascists that like the fascist rapist faction trying to articulate why it’s very logical and natural to be a fascist rapist, something we definitely don’t need more of in 2018.

Fallout Shelter 2 would be inoffensively hilarious, tho.


No joke, Fallout Shelter 2 would probably excite me more than a real Fallout game. I’m a bit burnt out on the Bethesda-style RPG at this point, but Shelter was a fun little idle management game and there’s a lot of interesting directions they could take a sequel.

A New Vegas remaster on a new, less janky engine could be cool too.


The way they’re letting people hype themselves up with this livestream, especially before E3, makes me think it has to be something bigger than 4 on Switch or Fallout Shelter 2. Those would be cool, but kind of anticlimactic after this tease. I would think Bethesda has been around long enough to know that a mystery announcement just encourages people to set their expectations way too high for the actual reveal to be relatively small.


That’s how I feel too


I have heard a rumor that it’s an Overwatch style thing set in the Fallout world. Also the person I heard this from used to post here so if you’re reading this sorry I stole your rumor


Seconding popular opinion that a remake/remaster of Fallout 3 is the most boring possible way for this to end I really hope it isn’t that.


Austin Walker himself apparently said it might not be a remaster either:

That’s just rumor, though.


If it’s something new, I’m still pretty excited.


Elder Scrolls VI: Black Marsh

Do it Todd, you COWARD


Oh my god, please give me an Elder Scrolls game where the humans aren’t 80% of the population. I just want my lizard wizard to be able to talk to other lizards with more diverse lives than second-class dockworker or thief.


Fallout: China Town Wars