New Forum Themes


Hi there Waypointers,

As you may or may not have noticed there are new “default” themes available to select with some features that may make for a more enjoyable experience when browsing the forums. There are still other themes in the works to address folks with colorblindness as previously mentioned awhile back but hopefully they will be up and running in no time. I do apologize for the lateness with these new defaults and those aforementioned themes.

I’m open to any new ideas though they may take time to implement.

Thanks everyone,


Is there new color coding on the forums or are my eyes decaying?


the extra links in the “new dark” are kinda messed up on iphone

notably not an issue with thr new light theme btw


The new default desktop skin feels too busy. The top pinned thread no longer feels special, just the one that happens to be on top, meaning less people might notice or even read it. I’m also not sure what the point of some threads having a white rectangle next to them means.


So I’m looking now, and it appears the rectangle color correspond to the type of topic for that thread? (Green = Video Games, Red = food, etc.)

White, it looks like, is for a New Story/Official Waypoint article thread.


Hello, I fixed this and it should be looking alright now.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve reverted the old light default and have just made the others as optional ones.

Dark Waypoint (New) and Light Waypoint (New)

  • Color coded topics
  • Social media links

Default Dark (Old) and Default Light (Old) are the older defaults.