New Gorillaz reactions?


What does everyone think of Humanz? I’ve been a fan of them since the beginning and a new album is always an event. Andromeda, She’s My Collar, and Out of Body (bonus song) are some of my favorites.

All in all, I like it a lot, but Gorillaz songs always take time to grow on you. Hard to say how it compares to their other albums. It seems like one of the most consistent, with almost no filler songs (looking at you, El Mañana and Melancholy Hill). It’s definitely the most dance-oriented and is super easy to listen to from beginning to end.


I really dig it, been listening to it front to back all weekend. My faves are Submission, Momentz, and the Purple Disco Machine remix of Andromeda.


YES I’m so happy they’re still innovating their sound and doing weird shit. Haven’t listened enough to know which songs I really love yet but I’m definitely enjoying the sound


I’ve been listening to it on loop since it came out. I’m listening to it right now. I really love Momentz! I haven’t listened to De La Soul’s stuff but I’m familiar with his name, really into it.


De La Soul is a group. Check out Three Feet High and Rising, it’s their most famous album from the 90s.


This album is A LOT, in good and less good ways. That said, I agree that Gorillaz songs always take time to grow on you, and this album is still growing on me. I think I’m gonna end up really liking it.

The evolution of From the debut album to Humanz has been nuts.


it’s here and there, the quality picks up and dips a lot I find. Kind of disappointed that all of the great bangers seem to have been released before the album- Ascension, Andromeda, We Got the Power, Saturn Barz

Beyond that I really liked Momentz, Let Me Out, and Out of Body (on the deluxe)

But seriously there are some straight up skippable tracks on this


I go from meh to bleh and back again


Album is really good, I feel like its so much better than Plastic Beach imo.

I like that they reached out to a producer to keep the same tone and sound throughout the album. It flows really well I think, something that Plastic Beach kinda lacked in the back half. Even the bonus tracks are super good. The Apprentice is a top tier track.


I’m loving it to be honest.
Strobelite, The Apprentice, and Out of Body stood out to me on the second listen through. Since that other songs have grown on me. Of the songs they’d put out ahead of the album, but of them the one I really dug was Ascension, but We’ve Got the Power has grown on me a fair bit too.


Strobelite might be one of my favorite songs by the Gorillaz


Enjoying it more than Plastic Beach, but it’s unfortunate to know that Demon Days is undoubtedly the most cohesive album Albarn will ever have a hand in.


Every song is good till Albarn comes it.

Just came across to me as an older guy trying to keep up with “the youth”.


Having Vince Staples start your album like that? On a “say what you feel” tip like that? Man. Powerful stuff.

Overall, I’m enjoying it quite a bit, it’s the most I’ve liked something they’ve put out since Demon Days. I like that Gorillaz is starting to be a way to have a lot of interesting people coming together on an album, and the more that Albarn steps back, the better, IMO.


Love it! Momentz, Out of Body and The Apprentice have become solid Faves but when I was trying to think of a bad song on the album I genuinely can’t. They’re all at the very least good. On each listen I’ll encounter a song I’d forgotten and think “This is actually really good” (Found this with Submission and Charger)

Out of body has been stuck in my head since I first heard it so I have listened through the album maybe 6 times off the back of that. The weird syncopated bits have just locked themselves inside my brain and have taken it hostage.


Gorillaz is probably the only band I listened to as a teenager that still makes music I like. The only other band that comes close to achieving that for me is Foo Fighters, and while I don’t dislike any of their new stuff, it just hasn’t done it for me like those the older ones.


I’ve been listening to it on repeat since Friday.

I really, really like it. I am pretty sure it’s their fourth best major album but that still makes it better than 90% of music.


Really liking it so far and have listened to it a few times through. I think my favorites off it right now, in order, are Andromeda, Ascension, Busted and Blue, and Sex Murder Party. But of course, who knows how I’ll feel about the songs on a month or so, as ever Gorillaz album shifts in my views on what I feel about it.


I’m really sorry to announce this like this but…

it bad.

(Really, this would be one of the most disappointing albums all year if I was expecting anything from it, it’s kind of a mess)


Mixed feelings about it, yay! It feels like wasted potential 'cuz of the moments when you see what it could have been. You know, when the guest vocals and the instrumentals match up and it’s fucking perfect. Also has a tiny little problem of the deluxe album being straight-up unambiguously better than the regular version.

Ascension missed the mark for me, the instrumental is bland af. Saturn Barz and Momentz have the same problem as Ascension. Low points, but the remixes of Saturn Barz have been good as hell.
Strobelite is fucking amazing. Submission, Busted and Blue, Let Me Out, and The Apprentice on the deluxe version, are all incredible.

Everything else falls between good and disappointing for me. All that said, I’ve been listening to it on repeat for a week now and the remixes coming out are amazing, so… yeah. Again, mixed feelings. Mostly positive, though. The negatives don’t really bother me that much.