New Intern Natalie (sp?)

Spoilers for the latest Waypoint Radio, but at the beginning Austin casually mentions New Intern Natalie. Has Natalie written anything for the site yet? Or is her role even in writing? Maybe video instead? I feel a littttlleeeee weird prying about New Intern Natalie because she’s (I assume) a real person whose privacy, like everyone’s, is important, but I guess I’m just excited for more people working at Waypoint, and look forward to her work and opinions, and/or her making more appearances on the podcast or in video.

Welcome, New Intern Natalie!

While it’s great you’re excited (as we all are), they are a summer intern, and as you mentioned, a private person who might not want a following or presence and therefore speculating on their involvement in the site is not appropriate.

We’d like to continue to remind the forums that fantasy football/internet personality speculation posts are frowned upon here and therefore will be subject to moderator action.