New Jam City - The Unofficial Waypoint Game Jam

Aaaah yo
I’m v down for this, but also awful at all things artistic, so if there are any artists willing to work with a first-time dev on a project, lemme know!

Per a certain person’s request, chicken dinners are now award non-redeemable bonus points to any creators who include them in their games. Other forms of fowl are also acceptable. But none of this is necessary and should be considering nothing more than a mutator.


Excited for this. Just went through the titles, and there are some gems in there.

Got it narrowed down to 10 titles, but whew… there are so many good options.
Not liking the final theme has kinda hamstrung my excitement for so many Ludum Dares.

Thanks to everyone doing the legwork on organizing this!

@Anime yeah LD always has a bunch of good themes in the first few rounds but the ones that make it usually don’t do much for me. I’m still having trouble deciding, but I keep coming back to The New York Witcher. Not sure what I would do with it but I think theres some cool stuff you could make with that.

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The New York Witcher is my starting point, so many possibilities!

Remember you don’t have to be a programer or game designer to take part in a game jam. Especially New Jam City. Artists, Musicians, Voice Actors, Writers - there’s a need for everyone. So if you want to contribute to a game but don’t know how or what, just let everyone on this thread or over at know.

If you need help coming up with ideas or scaling back to something that can be done in the time period, tell us. We’re all here to help.

If there’s any artists that are looking to participate, I may have need of your skills. So send me a message.

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I’ve been working on a resource site for anyone who is looking for tools/assets

Still a WIP, going to try and add some more common engines and do the 3D art section this weekend. If anyone sees any mistakes or has suggestions let me know :slight_smile:

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So I’m thinking of doing some blog posts for the jam. Some “how to make a game from an empty text file to a Win32 program” by basically picking out some interesting things along the way as I find time to build my jam project. It’s a good month as we’ve got five weekends (and at least three of those I’m not busy).

I’m not sure how useful this would be to anyone as a learning tool (I’m probably going with a compiler-only tools limit because I’ve not done a from-scratch in a while) but it might be interested to anyone who codes casually/has only ever coded on top of an existing engine (and the millions of lines of library code you’ve got to lean on in that situation). It could even be interesting to non-coders, assuming I can write it for anyone who enjoyed learning about frustum culling recently.

Is this something people might be interested in reading?


I would totally read that! I have a lot of Unity experience, but lately I’ve been getting into watching more “from scratch” methods of game dev (like the Handmade Hero streams). This sound super interesting.

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Just did this sine I maaaaaaaaay have given myself an early start (I got eager and technically it’s the 1st in Australia, even if I did start it on Friday…). I’ve had a style I wanted to explore for a while so I’ve been thinking about it for a bit anyway.

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I have no idea how to make a video game or like anything but I’ll help someone out with writing or just checking for grammatical errors! Gotta put my English minor to use in some way.


It’s July 1 and the New Jam City has begun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still join. Submissions are open for an entire month so if you find yourself with a few hours and an idea - try your hand at making a game. We’re all looking forward to seeing what the Waypoint community comes up with.


I think the one idea I’ve got is… pretty loose on the theme, and is more of a starting point for a larger project I’ve got in mind, but actually kinda excited for it. Not sure how other jammers will feel about it, but hey, reason to have fun working on something.

Good luck everybody! Have fun! If anybody has something they’re struggling to do in UE4 with blueprint, I enjoy coming up with solutions, etc. Can’t promise results, but happy to take a stab at stuff. (Or generalize, non-code stuff, like "I want to make X happen, and don’t know how to go about that. It’s been years since I’ve done anything in C#/C++ though, so my coding is too rusty to be worth offering.)

(And big thanks to everybody doing the legwork on getting this jam rolling!)

YEP. I’ve done the same thing haha. I had to create a portmanteau just to get something I was happy with. Though trying to relate it back to the theme has made my concept ever so slightly stronger, so it worked out for me. Looking forward to seeing what everybody gets up to!

And we’re off! I’ve officially landed on A Lil’ Murder Never Hurt Nobody for my game title, as it inspired some mechanics for a brawler/hack-n-slash/combat-type game that were super interesting to me. I’m excited to start prototyping this and hopefully end up bringing a unique idea or two to the fighting genre. If anyone is interested in checking out my development process, you can follow along on New Jam City’s community board.

See y’all on the other side…

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So the idea of “Live From The Bunker” has stuck with me ever since I looked at the list of titles, because it spoke to me immediately. It screamed - someone livestreaming or livetweeting the apocalypse from their bunker. The jam thread can be found here:

I’m creating this in Twine, so graphicly it won’t be very intense. I’m not much of an artist and the art will come last. But right now I have two potential ways of doing this and I need your feedback. There’s a poll at the bottom.

  1. The player is a viewer of this livestream and can vote for actions of the host. The host is doing a sort of MTV Cribs show of their bunker as the apocalypse hits.

  2. The player is the host of the livestream and is showing off their bunker as they settle in to sit out the apocalypse. The player can then reply to the chat and their requests.

  3. The player is livetweeting their tour of their bunker as the apocalypse hits. This I would imagine would have some Twitter integration.

All versions have different implications for how things are implemented and what I try to accomplish. Sadly I don’t know how to create a Twitter bot that could then reply the the player’s tweets for option 3. So which version should I do?

    1. Watching a livestream from a bunker & interacting with the host
    1. Livestreaming from a bunker & interacting with the chat
    1. Live tweeting from a bunker

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Added interactive character outlines, replaced the radio sprite with a 3D model just because I felt it’d look better, and added a first pass music collection mechanic to Windy City Radio. Also ft. my incredible dialog writing skills.


That is such a great concept!

I just dropped a quick update over on my New Jam City community thread, but wanted to share the video here as well. Just a quick test of the player movement in my WIP game.

Next, I’ll prototype the enemy AI so I can get some interactivity started, which will be a big part of this games foundation.


This is the map of the game’s and thus the bunker’s structure. Do you think I’m missing anything. I wasn’t planning on having the game start in the airlock but rather the entrance. And the position of the Armory will be explained through the story. But are there any types of rooms you think I should include? As I wrote this I thought about water, waste and electricity. So maybe a utilities room.