New MS game: Miami Street


Yes, Microsoft just launched a brand new game without telling anyone. Filled with all those expensive car licenses and a highly detailed recreation of Miami…

As a stealth-launch onto the Windows 10 Store, this isn’t actually available in all regions but at least North America seems to have it right now.

Erm, tap to boost off the start line, hold down to accelerate, let go when you get to the braking zone. It’s a very slight F2P mobile game that for some reason MS have decided to craft and release onto their desktop platform without using any of their existing car-related brands.

Releasing this close to E3 seems like a really weird move (especially if they’re planning to announce and ship Horizon 4 this year, which is the rumour and so far they’ve not missed an annual Forza release since 2010 - before there was a Horizon series to release in the even years).