New Pokemon Nintendo Direct Tomorrow (6/6, 7 PT/10 ET)


It’s happening! What’s happening? Uh, no idea. Sinnoh Remakes? Sun/Moon 3rd edition? Switch game?

Speculation: commence.


Sinnoh Confirmed.

Honestly I’d probably be most happy with another franchise crossover thing like Pokemon Conquest.


Pokémon Go Switch!


my disappointment will manifest as a physical substance if we get Sinnoh remakes and not a Switch Alola :sob:


Pokken Tournament re-released for the Switch will be among the announcements tomorrow


I just want any regular pokemon game on the switch.


Such odd timing. I’d have thought they would keep any big Pokémon news for whatever E3 stuff they do next week. What could they possibly show within 8 minutes that’s worth keeping it separate?


If it really is Stars I wouldn’t be surprised. Pretty sure no major Pokémon game has ever been announced at E3, so this fits with that. The presentation is 8 mins long, so they’ll probably have one but showy trailer for Stars with all the new features, which will get a longer segment during their E3 show.


I’d love to see an announcement for Sinnoh remakes or whatever Pokemon Stars is. I’m also curious if we’ll get info on the new mobile game, PokéLand, that’s currently being tested in Japan.


They usually announce new main-line Pokémon games outside of E3 because the announcements are usually in January/February. Keeping them separate a few days before E3 seems a little silly.


I want a proper game on Switch. I’ve fully retired my 3DS. No desire to pick it back up. Hoping for Stars or whatever they’ll call it.

…Not very optimistic, though.

Remakes don’t excite me in the slightest, so if that’s what ends up happening, I’ll just have to wait longer.


They haven’t don’t a Third Version since Platinum tho, right? There was no Gray or Z. I guess I’ve sort of assumed they’re not doing that anymore.


Yeah, watching the speculation up until this direct has been funny- Pokemon games are often announced in May, so everyone was expecting a May direct, and then it shifted to “well, if there’s anything, it’ll be at E3”. But…nope! We get this. Pokemon games have never been announced at E3, though, so maybe we’re reading too much into it.

Definitely torn on whether it’ll be Stars, a Diamond/Pearl remake, or both. There’s evidence for each- all the rumors on Stars, the inclusion of Sinnoh Pokemon in the new movie for the remakes. Plus Serebii (of the .net) pointed out that the official Japanese twitters have been posting a lot of Gen 1 related stuff, and there’s all the mentions of Kanto in Sun/Moon.

I imagine Gamefreak may not want to give up on 3DS just yet. Maybe remakes on that, Stars on Switch? Or one game on both with crossplay like Monster Hunter is apparently doing?


I actually would be interested in a remake of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. I really like the story and characters in that game. Since they’re willing to make obtaining Mythical Pokémon easier, it would be cool if the Darkrai haunted child event was a main part of the story for everyone to experience (like the Deoxys part of Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby).

Plus, there’s a bunch of technical issues in the DPP and every animation (especially walking) is way too slow which makes returning to them in their current form difficult.


Something to think about: people assume next up in line for a remake is Sinnoh, but the next games should actually be Kanto.

Pearl/Diamond are still newer than the last Kanto remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen.

Regardless of which generation they remake next, I hope there are region specific variants of other gen’s pokemon like how there are Aloha variants. Give me Kanto Emolga or Sinnoh Ledyba or something.


Maybe the next games will be Star Pearl and Star Diamond, hence the codename “Stars”.


I’m pretty sure the “Star” moniker was just a thing made up by fans in the lead up to the release of Sun/Moon (like “Grey” and “Z” for Black/White and X/Y respectfully)


No, there’s been supposed insider knowledge that “Stars” is coming this year for the Switch.


Stars is actually from the original Eurogamer rumor about a Switch game, way back from around when Sun and Moon came out.

Completely forgot to mention in my last post that 8 minutes is actually pretty long for a Pokemon direct. I bet they could announce something like a Pokken Switch port, and then move to a bigger announcement.


Thanks, didn’t know about that. I just remember lots of people saying it early last year around the announcement and everyone seemed to be making the joke at last year’s E3.