New 'Sims 4' Tiny House Expansion Makes Going to Bed An Existential Terror

Killing Sims in elaborate ways is an age-old tradition. While Sims now have the ability to climb out of a pool without a ladder (dammit), the latest expansion—Tiny Living—has introduced a new murder weapon: a Murphy bed.

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Gita Jackson has officially logged on Waypoint :stuck_out_tongue:


The Gita Sims Zone has officially opened:


I saw the headline and immediately knew who it was. Hyped to have Gita on the Waypoint team!

I tend to make smaller homes in the Sims 4 anyway so maybe I’ll pick this expansion up as an extra challenge. Though the bed death roulette leaves me hesitant.


Okay the idea of owning a bed that could, at any time, kill you, is fucked up!! Why, Sims 4?

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I absolutely adore Gita and missed her since her match 3 podcast days that I sometimes listen back on.

going to bed already is an existential terror

no but this sounds rad tiny houses murder beds it’s all fantastic I love the sims

Glad that other people are commenting on Gita as well. I blame her for getting me back into these forums :slight_smile:

Speaking from the limited experience brought by childhood, the idea that a pullout bed of any kind can injure you is just something you resign yourself to when you use one. I used to sleep on the pullout bed of a trundle, and hand-related injuries are pretty common. I also remember hearing a lot of urban legends about Murphy bed related fatalities when I was a kid (due to the aformetioned trundle situation). Sims really is just taking it up a notch with this one. It’s fantastic.

Yay Gita! Also I never guessed that a murder mattress would get me interested in the Sims again, yet here we are.