New Tacoma trailer

I think Fullbright might actually outdo themselves with this one; the ensemble looks/sounds really interesting, and the execution of the “visual audio logs” looks flawless



I was wondering what the game people were talking about with the audio logs being used as gameplay ans this is it. On my wish list.

A lot of really inventive visuals, even more so than the first trailers—it looks like they’ve really been finessing those designs! Very unconventional space-station-disaster music, too.

It’s looking amazing. They’ve been really open about how they completely overhauled a lot of aspects of the game and I’m really liking what we’re seeing.


That’s a heck of a well-cut trailer! Very hyped for this, loved Gone Home for the same reasons everyone loves Gone Home, the idea that they’re going to develop mechanics and storytelling concepts first set down there is exciting.

I’m the guy who despises expository voiceovers in most visual media but I conversely LOVE AUDIOLOGS (was disappointed they ceased being audible once you left the room they were playing in during Dishonored 2, hopefully this is more in the BioShock vein), and the wireframe people reenacting the movements of the station’s past inhabitants is both really eerie and stops it from looking like just a System Shock 2 mod with no weapons.