New Tetris: Effect


They gave the Tetris license to Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Lumines), which is pretty exciting (ok, I actually think Columns would be even better but only because that’s the first game I properly entered the zone with - Tetris was always the fun game I played on my original GB but Columns on the TV was my original immersive colour experience where time slowed down).

30 audio-visual experiences with some of those stages on display in this trailer. And all also playable inside VR, which is pretty exciting for those of us who want something after Rez Infinite (or Thumper). E3 Hype!

I didn’t think I’d ever be buying a new Tetris game, but I’m now extremely excited to buy a new Tetris game.


Is this Commander Shepard’s favorite version of Tetris on the Citadel?


when the ris hits …


I’ll probably just save the money and chew some 5ive gum.


The effects look cool and the music/rhythm connection looks satisfying but I think I need to see more. Lumines from what I played wasn’t terrible but it also wasn’t that interesting for me. The demo for Puyo/Tetris is still scratching my Tetris itch just fine.


Didn’t think I would get chills from a Tetris ad in 2018, yet here we are.


Definitely chills from the slowly layering of the music and visuals progressing over the course of the trailer. Very much evoking Rez’s structure without just recreating the key aesthetics of Rez (although you can see where the exploration of simple shapes into particles is part of the progression of that style from Rez Infinite’s Area X).

Lumines was definitely my most played PSP game. A mix of a decent puzzle structure (very much aiming for the same feel as a Tetris or Columns or Puyo Puyo) combined with a few extremely good tracks and some nice readable visuals to sync up.

That’s what’ll ultimately make or break this, even more than the reactive visuals: as long as the music hits, it’s probably going to be amazing (assuming they don’t pull an Ubisoft and manage to turn Tetris into a stuttery mess, but we should probably assume they couldn’t ship that while also doing a VR version).


Very tasty demo weekend.

It’s interesting the stages they have (in the same audio-visual theme per stage as used in Lumines) are also getting various other modifiers. So there is the progression of stages (3 available in the demo - starting off with the song used in the reveal trailer is extremely good, as are the ways it slowly mixes in and reacts to every button press during that stage) but also some modes that go well beyond just a slowly faster Tetris game.

One of the random mutators even breaks one of the cardinal rules of Tetris: it wasn’t using tetrominos. Maybe I’ve not been keeping up with the recently license Tetris games but I thought one of the things they didn’t like was mixing in non-tetromino pieces.

Had a lot of fun in VR, totally surrounded by the experience with headphones on. Really can’t wait for technology to move forward to the point where you’ll be doing stuff like this only in greater fidelity and with an affordable standalone headset. Has to happen in the next decade. And hopefully the licensing of this will mean this eventually makes it to that future platform.


I liked the demo way more than I thought I would. This is my first time getting into one of Mizuguchi’s games and the whole audio-visual experience thing is really working for me. Somehow it’s pulling more feelings out of me than 90% of the games I play. I don’t get why, but I’m into it.

How do you feel about PSVR in general? I’d love to try this game in VR and Patrick’s review of Astrobot already had me interested, but it’s a hard sell if there are only 2 games I care about on it.


As a huge Tetris fan (although a mediocre player) I am very excited about this version. I love how your inputs contribute to the soundtrack, it adds so much to the immersion but also helps me focus more. And the way every stage builds up both visually and musically makes clearing lines so satisfying :slight_smile: Only downside for me thus far are the lyrical performances. I find the writing ranging from cheesy to cringeworthy and really wish I could just turn it off, its so distracting.

@Shivoa Where did you experience those mutators in the demo? I’m interested to try but have only found classic Tetris variations so far.


Journey Mode is the main stages and classic game (of which the demo has limited stages unlocked). Effect Modes looks to be buckets for mutators (again, demo so most are locked; GB’s Unfinished video goes through them) with the most interesting one unlocked in the demo - Mystery (“Try to survive as random effects keep popping up”).

@MarkB: I like PSVR. It’s not perfect (none of them are at this point and I’m expecting the eventual upgrades to offer 4K HDR/10-bit panels at VR refresh rates to improve perceived resolution and make use of these dark boxes to really wow with dark and light contrasts) but it does have the technical edge as a headset with the higher dot count (RGB vs PenTile means PSVR actually has about 20% more dots of coloured light than the base 1st gen consumer PC headsets), refresh rate (120Hz cap vs 90Hz), and best mounting experience - it’s only held back by PCs having better high-end GPUs to drive them (and those future great headsets probably need another generation of high-end GPU improvements to be driven so even the PC can’t quite get to where I want to see the tech go yet).

I’ve not had the tracking issues some others have experienced. There are a lot of games (and I’ve not been diving in that deeply to the regular additions) Moss, Thumper, SuperHyperCube, Rez Infinite, Tumble, SuperHot, Resident Evil, Headmaster, Keep Talking, Bound, Polybius, Statik… into VR modes in GT Sport and Trackmania or all the free “experiences” released (of extremely variable quality). Some of them also work as good games to play on a TV (I’d definitely be buying Rez and Thumper anyway; I already owned Bound) but become something more inside the headset (with the immersive effect of being surrounded and a system guaranteed to be extremely low latency). Even games I don’t think are very good (eg Here They Lie) are experiences I can’t forget (horror sure is something when you’re inside that space and the shadow of something stalking you feels like it’s actually falling onto you rather than just being something you’re watching on a screen).


This game looks very cool but it’s not particularly good tetris. A lot of that is just The Guideline (ugh), but even setting that aside, it’s kind of a bummer.

Mystery is conceptually cool but doesn’t seem all the way there. The effects mostly just randomly bone you, rather than making you strategize around them in an interesting way. It also seems kind of buggy, at least in the demo, with blocks sometimes disappearing or overlapping inappropriately.


I didn’t realize that the PSVR actually stacks up favorably versus the PC headsets, I’d just assumed that since it was cheaper it was the budget headset. A bunch of the games you listed weren’t really on my radar either (particular Rez and Thumper) so I’m leaning towards grabbing one the next time I see a good deal. You wouldn’t happen to have glasses would you? I’ve been worried about how the headset with deal with mine, but I recently got to try a Vive and that fit just fine.


I actually have a set of glasses that do and a set that don’t so I’d say not all frames are ideal but if you’ve got quite a flush frame then it’s best. The way the headset is mounted, you put the loop that starts at your forehead on and only then slide the actual headset onto your face. The closer you slide it, the more it’s a perfect fit for your vision but the enclosing rubber seal means you can give it extra room for larger glasses to be there (at the cost of the best fit).

I also have the advantage of ok vision (glasses get me to around 20:12) and this isn’t extreme fidelity, it’s not even full 1080p per eye and that’s not even considering how much of your vision VR has to cover with that pixel count. I can see well enough that I don’t actually need to wear glasses with any of the current VR headsets, especially as the PS4 is driving the experience at the lowest resolution (PC headsets just throw away a third of the data the PC renders because of PenTile displays) and so the headset is often not the limiting factor. DriveClub VR is a low res mess and that’s on the console side, not the headset side. PC games try to drive beyond native resolution with as much anti-aliasing as possible for a quality experience and the PS4 doesn’t quite have the GPU to compete (and the Pro is sometimes not fully utilised in VR releases - possibly because tweaking an engine to maximise visuals for a project like Horizon: Zero Dawn will obviously have a different budget than these games that are selling to a much smaller market).


I think this will be the perfect game to tell people they can get me for Christmas since everyone knows what Tetris is, right? I enjoyed the demo and definitely want to own this but I don’t need it right away.

Some of the more wacky modes where the board turns upside down and pieces are giant were pretty fun for awhile!


I just played the demo without PSVR and it seems pretty neat. But playing Tetris on the couch feels wrong. Switch or Vita port please!