New to NieR. Going in Blind


It’s been a while but I think the only way to save is at save stations, but if I remember right they’re all marked on the map. I recall only running into trouble with saves once or twice, so hopefully it’s this smooth for everyone.


I went into it the same as you, knowing very little other than people were raving about the story and it was mostly a 3rd person action game. The main thing you probably need to know if you’ve literally heard nothing about it is that when you ‘finish’ it (credits roll), that isn’t the end. Continue your game on that save and play it through again. It’ll be different in ways that will become obvious.

Also, set aside a few hours when you first pick it up, as the first section (about 40-50 mins long) you need to get all the way through and beat the first boss in one sitting as there are literally no checkpoints. It gets easier after that.

It’s weird and parts of it are bad and others are delightful and all in all it’s a hot mess of a game that I’m very glad exists.


If you go into it with any expectation of it being a Platinum Games type of action game then you might come away a little disappointed.
The combat isn’t as varied and complex, and the enemies aren’t the most fun to fight on higher difficulties (takes a lot of hits and hits back hard with barely telegraphed attacks), I’d recommend just putting it on easy and blasting through it. After all what really resonated with me was the story, setting, and its philosophical ideas (not to mention the original score!).

Otherwise just jump in and have fun with it. I would recommend the WP spoilercast with Alex Navarro after you’ve finished all its chapters, it’s a really good listen.


I second this. I personally loved the game (some of the best, most thoughtful satire I’ve seen in this medium imo), and the spoilercast is great for the little details I missed out on or forgot about while playing.


If you’re getting bored with the initial run, just shrug off the side quests and such and plow through to the end of the initial chapter. It starts to get more interesting deeper in. (You’ll also be able to come back and finish the other stuff later if you want to.) I fell off for a bit my first time around, then came back and got the first “ending” and was suddenly much more interested.

Like others have said, it’s a bit of a disappointment combat-wise as it tends to feel a little same-y after a while in a lot of places. However, I think the story is worth pushing through it for. (And there are a couple of really interesting and challenging fights available in later stages of the game.)


I’ve never played a Platinum action game so I’m half hoping the bare bones combat in this might be an onboard for something later down the line.

Thanks everyone, I can’t wait to finish work tonight an just get stuck in.


i agree with all of VulpesAbsurda’s advice and posts in this thread.

i hope you like the game! i wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near bad, but it was one of the bigger disappointments i’ve had.


While the combat might not be pretty engaging, I found it fun to cheese the RPG elements to just melt enemies and constantly refill my health over time and on kills.


I started it this week, and it really hasn’t sunk its hooks into me yet. The first part of the game killed a lot of momentum for me, and while I can see how some of the themes it wants to explore could be interesting, nothing has really grabbed me. The combat has also not really been remotely engaging. At this point, I’m going to just try to get through this first ‘playthrough’ to see if things pick up from there, as everything I’ve heard seems to suggest that is where things get a lot more interesting.


I overall enjoyed the heck out of Automata even though the fighting didn’t really do anything for me, I was just there for narrative/themes. Even then, it’s an oddly slow burn. I had heard how the second playthrough is where stuff kicks in more, but even then it’s not “Oh shit the real story starts now”, it’s just unfolding more layers as it goes. There wasn’t really a sharp uptick for me where my interested was thoroughly grabbed, but I was enjoying it and I’ve continued to think a lot about it since.

Also the music is incredible.
(theme for earlyish boss)


I actually just beat that boss, and yeah, the music was definitely really good there.


I’m a few hours in, and I had zero clue that this was a thing. Thank you. This game does not explain things very well. At all.


Haha, I’m finishing up some last side quests and things before completing the last main ending, and I had zero clue that was a thing.


Wow, same. I never caught the part about them being easier to take down when enraged, that sounds like a potentially useful normal / hard mode technique.
Usually I just forget about that whole mechanic though.


I’ve now played the intro sequence on my Xbox, my first time in this game with (almost) zero knowledge of it (other than a few things I’ve absorbed by cultural osmosis) and…I kind of love it? I didn’t expect that. This sort of thing isn’t what I’d call my jam, but…I dunno. I was way more into it than I expected.


I think I had the same feeling with that respect. (It’s hard to articulate, I think)


Can’t tell you how much this NieR story recap from Super Bunnyhop helped me understand what the hell was going on in Automata. Highly recommended.


Ok so I finished the intro and that was not what I had expected in the slightest… Only for the game to completely change and open up when I accepted my first mission and met with the resistance. WTF is this game!!

By the way I love it, I’m getting weird Metal Gear Solid vibes from the weirdness and the menus and the insane story.


I hate to just continue to make this “different strokes for different folks” the thread, but I just wanted to weigh in that I had a very similar experience in my first playthrough and found when I stopped bothering with the side quests and pushed ahead the build up to the climax and the ending of the first route felt kind of abrupt.

There are also a few story beats in the side quests that I personally enjoyed. So in the end the best advice I can give is decide if you want to engage with everything or just take in the mainline narrative because they’re fairly different experiences.

That said for as much as I enjoyed some of the side quests, the game isn’t nearly as strong mechanically as it is narratively and navigating the world can be a pain in the ass so that did leave me frustrated at certain points.

Also I would recommend definitely treating the segments as chapters rather than playthroughs because I took a break after finishing Ending A to play some other stuff and that made it really hard to get back into Route B, which I still haven’t been able to finish.


I just finished ending A yesterday, and I couldn’t agree with this more. I really think this game is a great example of not all games needing to be open world. I’ve enjoyed a lot of the story beats and setpieces, but navigating the world just isn’t particularly enjoyable.