New to NieR. Going in Blind


Hey, was reading through this thread as it happened (though it’s gone a bit quiet now), because I also started playing Nier in June.

And anyway, I just finished Ending E tonight and I can’t help but escape the feeling that I played 30 hours of Nier: Automata to reach the (already-held) conclusion that Undertale is a very good game.

I wouldn’t go as far to say they’re the same thing but… they do really seem to cover a lot of the same ground. Undertale definitely pulled some very similar moves with regard to its meta-narrative stuff, but gameplay and length-wise it was so much tighter. I liked Nier’s narrative and characters and art design a lot (with some reservations in the design department about the copious amounts of fanservice especially with regard to A2), but I ended up agreeing with a lot of the criticisms of its combat in this thread (though the boss fights felt like standout sequences to me). And it definitely felt a good five, six, maybe seven hours longer than it really needed to be, which makes the pacing whiplash from glacially slow in routes A and B to fast and then slow again in C to lightning-quick in D and E.

That said, I definitely appreciated how janky some parts of it were, and liked how weird other parts of it were, and groaned in a good way whenever it decided to name its bosses after philosophers. Anyway, I’m wondering how far all of you who are currently playing have gotten, and if you have different feelings. Ending E was definitely a great moment, and one that even though I’d been slightly spoiled I wasn’t really expecting.


Unfortunately I’ve only had the chance to beat the first boss and return from the ground to meet up with the resistance as my girlfriend gave birth, so silver lining an all. Can’t wait to get stuck back in though, knowing nothing mechanically about it made it feel so fresh to me, it helped never playing a platinum action game before


So I got through the first chunk of route C, specifically once you start going in between 9S and A2 , and I’ve put it down since then. I’m still intrigued by where the story will go from here, but I just haven’t been able to shake the feeling that overall, I just don’t enjoy the actual act of playing that much (though the boss fights have generally been good). Part of it was also that I definitely did not focus a ton on tracking down all the side quests in route A & B, and as a result, have been woefully underleveled in route C. I should probably just bump the difficulty down to easy at this point, because grinding out levels to be more comfortable with the normal difficulty just doesn’t sound fun at this point.

I’ll echo what I said previously on this thread, which is that I wish this game was not open world, or at least had a more interesting world to actually explore. Thinking back to my experience playing AC: Origins, I loved exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful world, and I couldn’t wait to explore every new region to the fullest. With Nier, I haven’t gotten that. All I’m thinking is, “Ok, where’s my next objective, and what’s the most efficient way to get there?” As soon as I get to that point in any open world game, I’m just playing it for the sake of finishing it. And that’s where I feel like I’m at right now.


The biggest thing I would say is that the story really isn’t as much about events as it is about people, and to a lesser extent the world they live in. The story ebbs and flows at the pace you dictate (though different events will lock you in to specific sections) so spend your time with the people and the world, and push forward when you feel ready.


Okay, so I finished the game over the weekend, or at least I finished routes C, D, & E.

Overall, I’m glad the game exists, and it really does some cool stuff character/story/world-wise. There were some really great moments over the course of Route C in particular especially the choice you have to make with Pascal. I’m glad I played it. I didn’t do quite a bit of the side quests, but I’m okay with that. I’m done.

But I definitely still stand by my previous criticisms in that the game isn’t that fun to actually play, and the world does not feel worth exploring.


Been able to binge the game for the last couple hours and I’ve finally unlocked fast travel thank god.