New to Tabletop RPGs, Asking The Easy Questions


That’s one of the reasons I wrote off D&D 5e, unfortunately the RPG world is full of toxic people. I don’t bother with D&D or New White Wold anymore. However, Onyx Path seems to be going strong and not involved with such people (as far as I’ve heard at least). For new players, I generally recommend Hunter (any version) since part of the point of that game is the characters don’t know what’s going on the game acts as a great introduction to the world of…World/Chronicles of Darkness.

I also recently picked up 7th Sea 2e and the way it frames player actions as narratives is a fantastic way to get into a more role-playing mode rather than your typical roll-playing mode of D20 games.

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Actually, D&D 5e has generally been alright - Outside of some consulting work from the original rulebook, Zak S and RPGPundit have not been involved - the “iconic” characters come from a variety of ethnicities and body types, with no cheesecake armor, and there haven’t been any of the unpleasant elements like those that have gotten into Pathfinder. WotC, at least, seems to have been doing a pretty good job of late.

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