Next after XCOM for Tactical Tuesdays

XCOM will probably wrap up in the next few episodes (knock on wood). I thought it might be interesting to have a suggestion thread to throw out ideas for what we’d love to see next.

For me, I think these would be absolutely fantastic Waypoint Tuesday stream games:

  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11
  • Sol Trader
  • Frozen Synapse 2 (obviously)

Anyone else?

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Invisible Inc.

It’s an older but after hearing them talk about streaming it on the podcast I’ve been really interested in seeing it. Plus Austin’s excellent pitch of the game during Giantbomb’s GOTY discussions made me buy it and I’d love to see them all stream it together.


It’d be interesting to pick something that’s a little bit more outside of their wheelhouse. Something like Fire Emblem, which they may have said they played in passing but I don’t think they got hardcore into.

Total War: Three Kingdoms could be really cool too. Or if we want to go to an older release, a Fall of the Samurai playthrough would be excellent. Another incomingish release that could be interesting is Valkyria Chronicles 4,

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Two words: Laser Squad

I second Inv Inc, It has some other practical plus’s being a shorter game could be a nice quick refreshing series. It would be really great to have Danielle have the controls too. I have only played console version so is also a great game for us to see the former Tactical baby in command.

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Shadow Tactics perhaps?

Invisible Inc is a great idea too. I’d love to hear Danielle’s or Rob’s impressions of the game as Austin introduces them to it, whoever is at the controls.

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It’s a different style, but I’d be very interested in Crusader Kings 2, King of Dragon Pass or Six Ages (its sequel)

They’re less tactical, but they still allow the roleplaying, the fun and having bad strategic choices ruin Austin and Rob.


Would really enjoy something more sandbox-y. Going as far as to try and shove Factorio into a “tactical” branding (Into the Breach looks like a tactics game. Zachtronics games can be tactics games? Factorio is a real-time tactics* game???) because why not (also doesn’t Rob have some history with that game that keeps on almost coming up in places like GWJ [did I imagine this?] but has so far not been fully expanded upon).

I’ll be happy with whatever but that’s my left field suggestion.

* Complex designs arising from building placement rules as worker placement as unit positioning being analogised to a tactics game (eg blueprints are saved formations). In the RTS division of strategy vs tactics then Factorio is a lot more about the actual tactics of assembling the many production lines and enabling the tech tree progression rather than the strategy of long term goals.

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This would be an awesome opportunity to have maybe one or two sessions of Into the Breech while the next game is being set up.

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Hey Everyone,

We’re closing this thread as we can’t know what is up next in Waypoint’s schedule and speculation and/or requests to that effect only creates false expectations, no matter how light hearted or joking a place they’re coming from.