Niall Ferguson is threatening an indie horror developer with legal action


Eurogamer just ran this story. The developers of the survival horror game The Maid of Sker have been threatened with legal action over using a photo of the actual Sker House in an Instagram post:

Though they don’t mention it in the story, the owner of the house is Niall Ferguson; a disgraced academic, writer of revisionist historical non-fiction, and one of the alt-right’s growing stable of pseudo-intellectuals trying to lend some intellectual ballast to their racist positions. He bought the house in 2008 and closed it off from all public access (it had previously been open to the public all year round) in 2013.

This would have sucked if had been anyone using their purchase of a former public good to coerce local creatives writing a story about a place they’re all familiar with, but the fact that this racist fraud is responsible makes it that much worse.


Well that sucks. I can’t imagine ever being that much of a grump to not let people make their folk horror game just because you own the land.


Private property was a mistake