Niantic, Inc supporting Autism Speaks

I am unsure if you noticed but there are a number of tweets now from Niantic, Inc supporting Autism speaks, a highly divisive group that many autistic’s don’t like and much like the National Autistic Society in often finds the bulk of criticism from those its supposed to support. I haven’t seen any gaming sites covering this but at the same time its all over autism twitter

Incase everyone is wondering who Niantic is they made a tiny game called Pokemon Go and decided to throw money at one of the most toxic organisations in autism circles as part as some drive to sponsor charities. Worse still they seem to be pushing special event driven events in game with autism speaks events around the country in the US.

“Trainers in Arizona! Come join the Autism Speaks Walk on October 28 and raise money”

I don’t feel comfortable or able to pitch an article but thought i’d bring it up here in hopes an autistic person with a good angle could do something with it. I’m from the UK so a US perspective probably helps but the fact they are disliked is fairly widespread on twitter.