Nier: Automata Arrange & Unreleased OST


I didn’t know this was coming out at all until I just saw it was out a few days go but Square Enix just dropped the Arranged & Unreleased Tracks for NieR: Automata that put INCREDIBLE spins on arguably one of the best video game soundtracks out there.

I’m not a musician or game developer so I’m assuming this kind of stuff happens in game development but I found it incredibly interesting hearing the variety which I can only imagine at least some were to figure out what the tone of the game would be before they settled. Or if not they still are great takes on the songs. It feels like it has a little bit of everything from Post-Rock to accordions to organs, to glitch to dubstep?

You can find the soundtrack here on the official Square Enix site.

Have you picked it up? Do you plan to? What do you think of these alternate versions? Does one stand out to you in particular?

I personally have to say that the Amusement Park theme is 100% my shit.


I grabbed it for completion’s sake - just like the first Nier arranged album it’s hit or miss for me, but the hits are so good. In particular for me: the church organ remix of Mourning and that flamenco-and-shamisen Alien Manifestation are soooo good.


I got it. It’s mostly very very good.

I like the arrangements for Copied City and City Ruins on there a whole lot. And I’m down for basically any version of This Cannot Continue.


That version of Alien Manifestation surprised me. It rules.