Nier Automata DLC Discussion (spoilers)


I just finished the DLC missions and I wanted to know if anyone else has any thoughts, particularly about the Plato stuff. Just when I thought this game couldn’t rip my heart out anymore, it took one last grab. I also loved the dialogue with the machines in the third memory, pretty sharp satire of capitalist labor exploitation.

Anyone else have thoughts? I really wasn’t expecting anything more than a fun arena mode, so I was a little taken aback at how much there is to this DLC.


Resurrecting this, since I finished this too (including the CEO fight)

That was a pretty cool cap to what was some pretty basic DLC.

I didn’t really go in expecting much either, I bought it because I wanted an excuse to just hang out in that world for a little longer, and also I was totally happy to give them some more of my money, but in the end I felt pretty satisfied.