Nier Automata's Existential Horror (SBH)


Usually this forum is more about discussing more personal things as opposed to sharing other content creator’s work but I’ve been a huge fan of SuperBunnyhop’s work and Nier: Automata was one of my favorite games in recent memory. So when he dove into the game’s themes, deeper meanings, and cultural context of both the Director and Japan as a whole I thought it would be worthwhile to share. If you’re like me (then I’m so sorry about that) but you’re probably always hungry for more well researched, well written and entertaining video game discussions and perspectives. Maybe if you came off lukewarm about the game then this will be a fascinating if not unique perspective.

It will spoil Ending E stuff, but if you haven’t picked up the game yet and don’t know anything, most of the stuff will be too out of context to pick up on it’s greater importance and you might be safe as long as you try to have selective amnesia about it.

By the way feel free to share other videos not just of Nier but anything that follows review or discussion


Saving this for once I’m done with Nier. So far it’s one of the most interesting games/worlds I’ve played in.