Nier: Automatz is kicking my butt and im angry. (spoilers)

I need to vent for a minute for here…

So, i’ve been enjoying this game for the most part. I’m 30ish hours in, just got to the ending where 2B is infected and A2 apparently kills her.

It seems like there’s been a dramatic increase in difficulty/frustration around this point. The whole part with 2B being infected and stumbling took me more tries than i’d like to admit, and before i was able to get to the save-diddly by the big pipe, i was trying to play that whole part with the Bunker as my starting point. so i’d die as stumbling 2B and have to go all the way back to the bunker. skip multiple cutscenes. do a stupid flying part. then back to stumbling 2B. finally i spotted the save-machine, and after dying a few times and having to run 3/4 around the bunker, skip two cutscenes and do the stupid flying part again, i had at least a base of operations. not too long after that i got to the big meeting with A2. great. that was the first time i felt really frustrated with the game. these things happen! but it was followed directly by another part that is really giving me a tough time…

…i’m A2 now, and she’s angry and wants to kill some machines. fantastic. i go out and kill a few goliaths in the desert and then run into this boss who is kinda kicking my ass. it’s made out of all these spheres, i’m supposed to be transforming into berserk mode (which apparently does something?)… there are lasers and balls of lasers flying every goddamn direction. i’m making progress - i did pretty well last time, i feel like maybe i was halfway there… this last death happened because i was trying to open my inventory and wasn’t able to, the game just paused instead. great. why do i have to open my inventory so much, anyway? why are there no quick buttons for anything? i’m constantly using these enhancement items which at best last for a whopping 30 seconds. for an action oriented game i’m spending a helluva lot of time getting into my menu, using healing items and buffs. this shit is worse than metal gear 3. i’ve died probably six times now. each time i have to go back to my save point and then fight the three goliaths again. they aren’t tough, but they take some time. why can’t i just restart at the beginning of the boss fight? why? why all this?

i loved the first nier and never had any extreme frustrations/difficulty issues with it. i always knew i’d play the sequel so i avoided any discussion of it. am i the only one having this problem? i still really want to play through and see what happens but they’re making it kinda tough on me out here. this game is feeling clunky as hell right now. whew.

i had to get that off my chest, thank you for listening.

I remember that fight…

If you’re not already, get very well acquainted with the machine gun on your little robot pal and concentrate on dodging and get comfortable because it’s going to take a while. That’s the only way I was able to get through it.

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There is definitely an increase in difficulty around the part where you’ve currently playing through. You are also definitely not alone with 2B’s stumbling moment being seen as a horrible frustration. All I can say is the game is worth the struggle.

I got incredibly angry at the end of Part B as I died to Eve quite a few times at the point where you are forced to walk slow and can do no attacks. I put the game down for three weeks and then picked it back up and played through the entirety of the game in one sitting. It’s possible that you could have the same experience if you took a little break from the game.

That said, A2’s special ability is taunt and it makes the game a lot easier. If I recall correctly, holding the attack button will have her taunt, which increases the damage of every enemy in the vicinity but also increases the level of damage you do to them. You can perform this same move with all characters by flashing the flashlight while locked on to a enemy for a little while. Getting some chips that increases taunt damage (from Emil’s shop) can up your damage increase to close to 500%. It makes the game insanely easy if you can manage to get dodges down. Helped me with my second playthrough so hopefully it can help you through this one.

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That boss fight where they try and teach you beserk is totally not the fight for it - you’re better off beating it by slashing and shooting. Don’t get too hung up on trying to use beserk there.

There is actually a quick-use button for items, it has to do with the d pad :slight_smile: I think you hit up twice or something, and you can change the item to be healing of buffs and such. It’s been a while though, so I’m a bit hazy there, I didn’t really need to manually use items after a few hours into the game because:

Have you done much in the chip configuration? That’s probably the biggest thing - there are so many things to customize there that make the whole fighting experience so much better. The most important ones for me were the auto use item (heals you when you get below X% of health, using your healing items) and also the one that heals you X% when you kill enemies. I always stayed at max health using just one or both of those chips. It’s also important to go to the android in the resistance camp to upgrade those chips - at level 4, 5 and 6 most chips boosts are significantly higher than at 2 or 3. Well worth doing :slight_smile:

Now I want to play Nier again, fuck

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there really is a quick-item use, eh? i’ll have to figure that out when i summon the willpower to dive back in.

now, the chip configuration … i’ll say that it took me a little while to even figure out what that whole system was, because the game never forced me to learn it and i was pretty much whipping through everything with ease, at least for the first 20 hours or whatever. eventually i got it figured out to some degree, but never really went all-in with it (upgrading chips etc) because i didn’t feel like i needed to. i messed around with some, lost some, etc. i was doing just fine, thank you! and now i’m in this act of the game (starting with the 2B in the black armor segment really) where i’m suddenly getting worked, and the enemies seem a lot tougher. the difficulty just jumped up on me. i haven’t been stockpiling chips, i haven’t been upgrading chips. at this point in the game the people in the resistance base won’t even help me cuz i’m A2 and not 2B. it just feels like … i dunno … an unfortunate progression. i was getting through fine without the chips, and now i kinda need them and they’re not available.

i guess i would’ve figured this all out if i had Joined The Conversation regarding nier automata when everybody was playing it in last year’s frenzy, buuuut i wasn’t really playing it back then. and i feel like the game hasn’t done a very good job of making it all make sense. i dunno. it’s frustrating.

That’s fair, the game kind of introduces you to it but doesn’t really push it on you. I found the whole system really cool so I dove deep into it, I can imagine it not being the same for everyone though. You could have the baseline “heal me when my health is below X%” one in your inventory already though, because that one is on your body from the prologue if you go back and retrieve it. Worst comes to worst, if you don’t have any items that can heal you during battle, you can get:

The offensive heal chip (damage you deal heals you a bit: or the deadly heal chip (heals you when you kill enemies: as a drop from regular bots in the forest/castle

The Auto use item chip from these dudes:

Or the auto heal from the dudes in the crater area in the middle of the city area:

Any of those should help a bunch, even at lower tiers, then you can upgrade them once you have access to the resistance camp again :slight_smile:

  • In the grand Platinum Games tradition, Automata is very bad at explaining itself much of the time.
  • I was about halfway through Route A before discovering the quick-use item menu.
  • There are definitely severe difficulty jumps, and the start of Route C is one of them.
  • Deadly Heal and Overclock were immensely useful to me; I’m not sure I ever died after getting a decent DH chip.
  • That said, some bosses are still a pain, and…
  • The desert boss that you fight as A2 is extremely bad.

thanks for the tips and general commiseration y’all. i’m going to get through this. it just wasn’t quite what i expected! i remember the general response being “this game is a damn near instant classic but with an asterisk”. i had heard complaints about repetitive combat, a stale PS2-ish geometry stuff like that. hadn’t heard anything about the problems that i’m encountering. ah well. like i said, i wasn’t listening too closely…

i will persevere

Thirding Deadly Heal! Never think about your HP again.

That’s an incredibly bad boss. I found that I just had to rely on the bot and do it’s special whenever I could.

Also first time I did that boss it glitched at the end and I couldn’t progress.

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The short answer is to use those chips, yes. Deadly Heal and the one that regenerates you health for as long as you don’t get hit make the game a cakewalk. Didn’t give the game a try on the hardest difficulty, but the game is as challenging as you want it to be on normal mode.

Yeah I had a REALLY bad time with the big robo boy that’s LVL 60. Then more bad times with more bad bots.

Honestly? I think I skipped most of the chip stuff because I’m a dumbo. I just bumped it down to easy until I finished the area.

I kind of ignored the chips for awhile, too, until I realized that’s basically like ignoring the level-up system in other RPGs. I would never, ever do that, so why am I doing it here? Once I found a configuration that was fun and effective {Counter, Overclock, Anti Chain Damage, Movement Speed}, it was just a matter of playing around the edges after that.

Then I started upgrading weapons, too, and holy moly, do some of them have fantastic and/or fun bonuses once they’re maxed out. And some of them have completely unique move sets! There really is a lot of depth. It’s not hidden, exactly, but you do have to actually try it out yourself.

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The chips are actually a great example of the kind of variable difficulty tuning that’s all the rage these days. Yoko Taro, make a Souls game.

alright team, i beat the stupid boss and am progressing and happy again. i’ve got some helpful healing chips. thank you all for the advice. :heart_eyes:


Yeah - if I had to deduct points from the game for any reason, it’d absolutely be that the chips system can literally be the difference between a really fun playing experience and hitting a wall over and over again, and yet the game never really tells you how many ways you can completely break combat with Fusions and stuff from Emil’s store. Once you’ve got Counter +8 and Auto-Heal and all the other wild stuff, any difficulty spike completely evaporates.


after having set this game down for a couple of months i finally got back into it and i’m glad i did. got a chip set-up that made things easier for me, and started using healing items via the d-pad instead of opening the menu (thank you for the tips, Waypointers).

now… i have one more question. i feel like i’m at the end of the game, but am i? my save file says i’ve completed endings A B C G and W. The last thing that happened: Fight between 9S and A2. I had to choose between the two. I chose A2 and got that ending.

but what now? when i go back into my save it’s starting me back over at what seems to be the beginning of the first run of the game - 2B and 9S fighting the goliath in the factory, self-destructing, returning to the bunker. what happens if i keep playing? i feel like there should be more here but i don’t know where to find it. i assume there would’ve been a different ending if i had chosen 9S in the duel vs A2 - how do i get to see that ending?

to be more clear, i guess my question is this: after the 9S/A2 duel ending and being sent back to the 9S/2B beginning, will i keep seeing new stuff if i keep playing, or have i reached the point where i need to find a guide to get different endings/more story?

other random question - is there more stuff in the game related to emil? i remember him being a very important major character in the first game, and now he’s a roving ice cream truck guy. does the game explain this?

thank you for your continued nier automata guidance. :rofl:

Go into Chapter Select and replay the duel to choose the other option from what you originally picked.

That should get you to endings D and E.

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In the main menu there should now be a Chapter Select option that allows you to hop to any point in the game as any character. There is more to be seen if you go to the final duel and pick the other option. There are still the assorted other Bad/Joke Endings to be gotten all across the game.

As for Emil, there are a couple of fairly significant sidequests involving him that are both really quite good, although one of them is really difficult and involves upgrading every weapon in the game to the Max Level, which definitely be a timesink

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perfect! thanks y’all, much appreciated.