‘Night in the Woods’ Developer Alec Holowka Dies

Night in the Woods developer Alec Holowka died Saturday morning, his sister, Eileen Holowka, said on Twitter. Last week, Holowka was one of three prominent men in games accused of various forms of sexual assault and abuse.

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I don’t see it in the article so it may be worth linking Scott Benson’s writing from this morning here as well, as additional corroboration and context for the people who came forward last week.


I find it incredibly frustrating that bad faith actors are taking what Alec’s sister said, that she BELIEVES what Quinn and the others have been saying, and then just completely ignore it in favor of their ‘Zoe Quinn = Bad’ narrative.

It is incredibly tragic that this happened the way that it did, but with such a disgusting and prominent backlash that Quinn is getting AGAIN, I am finding it worrying that this might prevent future folk from coming out about their abuse experiences in the gaming space.


That is exactly what these people want, aside from trying their damnedest to hurt Zoe any way they can.

None of this is accidental or a coincidence. This shit is organized and it has clear goals. It is not unfortunate, it is repugnant.


It’s incredibly frustrating to see his death weaponised to pile on harassments on the very victims that have been dealing with this shit for years, including women who had nothing to do with any of it. Asshats will look for any excuse.

My heart is with everyone affected, including Alec’s family and friends; the worst part of suicide is the guilt, wrongly perceived or not, often felt by the closest. I hope everyone’s talking care of themselves.


This is so far from just zoe=bad but I echo your point. It’s absolutely disgusting, and all of the people trying to justify it have to assume everyone is clearly lying out of some malice, or that even if it always was true is “wasn’t that bad”.

We are in a culture where victimhood is a status of weakness and anyone ever coming forward about stuff that happens to them must be bad actors seeking to manipulate. That’s the only context by which they understand victimhood. And it’s leading to so much worse that they somehow feel like they’re justified about.


Jesus, I somehow missed this what with PAX travel. I don’t know how exactly to feel about this. Only that, for those he hurt in life, this’ll only make things worse.