Night in the Woods thoughts and feelings (spoilers)

Night in the Woods! It gave me a lot of feelings. I’d like to hear y’all’s!

I was riding the bus downtown a few weeks ago and after we drove past fours empty stores in a row I realised that I basically live in Possum Springs. I live in the suburbs outside of a medium-sized city in one of the more historically poor regions in Canada. I identified a lot with Mae and Bea’s feelings about Possum Springs. Feeling trapped but at the same time there’s a lot of comfort to it.

[spoiler]The stuff with Mae’s parents and money really messed me up. This part with Mae and her mom bummed me out so hard I had to take an emergency nap. The idea that her parents could work hard all of their lives and still be in debt hit a little too close to home for me lol.

And the ending. I really liked the ending? I loved the not-so-subtle metaphor of it and I love how stubborn Mae is, even in the face of a literal elder God. Eat it ancient goat God! I don’t need you to live deliciously.[/spoiler]

Anyway, Gregg rulz ok


I loved the game. I dropped out of college when I was twenty and moved back to my small (~2,000 people) town so the game hit home really hard for me. Beyond the strictly narrative parts of the game though, i really appreciated the way NITW sets you up with a kind of routine-every day you wake up and walk basically the same route through town, advancing each side story as long as you do your diligence to visit those characters It’s kind of the opposite of the stress that the Persona games put on you while operating on a similar structure-you have time to walk around and time to waste and the miracle rats will still be there if you take five minutes to go to the church today.

I loved the ending-it felt like a great emotional conclusion to all the themes the game had been expressing up to that point, and it just feels real good to have the opportunity to essentially shout your mental illness down. The epilogue going around and talking to everyone was great too.

At this point I’m pretty confident in calling it one of my favorite games of all time-all the characters felt like a piece of myself expanded into a person and i really related to just about everything it had to offer.

It’s also got the most authentic Get Too Drunk At A Party In the Woods experience in games!


Walking around and getting into a routine was one of my favourite parts of the game! I’m the kind of person who always goes left first when a game tells me to go right. I knew going in that I could only hang out so many times with Bea or Gregg so I made sure to talk to Selmers and Lori M as often as possible. I love Selmers and Lori M so much.

I never thought of it as Mae shouting down her mental illness and that’s basically the perfect way to put it.

While it didn’t really speak to my background or situation I still appreciated the comedy and art style. I couldn’t help but chuckle at all the notebook scribblings the bizarre mini-games and the way the game was written was mostly great but never bad or “cringy” as some put it. I never got super invested in the dramatic deep dives the story took with it’s characters and I would have been totally fine if in the latter half the game decided to not go into the weird cult/ghost story sub-plot. But I guess that’s life. It’s a roller-coaster of highs and lows ups and downs and you can’t just have the fun happy-go-lucky parts without the bad lest the game risk getting off-thesis with it’s whole life’s a bitch but we all find ways to move through it moral.

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The thing I appreciated the most was how much care went into each of the background characters. It really speaks strongly of this idea of the forgotten rust belt when there’s just so many people in the town who’s story you can just miss. Selmers is a perfect example of a character who was really interesting and cool. When leaving the house, she’s one of the first NPCs you can visit each day - it takes no time and the pay-off of the Library Poetry Slam felt great - it payed off not because of some huge punchline, but because I legitimately cared about that character. Seeing them get respected and see success, even in just that moment, felt great. That scene is so good too, because there’s characters you can have no context for, such as the fisherman, and not get why them being there, by itself, is funny.

Lori’s character arc is short, but also natural. She wasn’t one of those “core characters” who I needed to connect with like Gregg or Bae. It was something friendly and I liked it for what it was.

There’s a really great care for every character in that game that really connected me to that setting. I just wrote a weird piece about Sharkle and Garbo & Malloy even and their relationship to the setting. There’s a lot to really like about that game.


I really need to replay this game. There was a wonderful moment I almost missed.

[spoiler]I was heading out one morning, already left the house then realised I hadn’t talked to mom.
I thought about it, but decided I should go talk to her. I think for some reason I wasn’t sure she’d be there or have anything to say, so I contemplated leaving it.

I came back in to have another conversation with mom where she was just nicely asking what the deal with college was. Mae, was yet again being evasive and not wanting to talk about it yet, but that made something with mom snap. She got actively angry with Mae for throwing away the opportunity that her parents had sacrificed themselves for. Meanwhile Mae refused to even give a reason for it, sticking to her aloof fac,ade. It gave such a good understanding of the mom in that moment, I love her character. And it just felt so real, considering that in general Mae’s parents just seem like nice pleasant folks, it’s good to have this wrinkle and the part at the end where the Dad discusses hating his job.[/spoiler]

I missed so much in my one playthrough despite not trying to rush at all. I’ve gotta explore more of Possum Springs and hang out with Gregg.


Don’t have any much to add to the conversation but man I’m still super unsure on how I feel about the ending of the game. Overall I loved the mood, writing and artstyle but the story and pacing not so much :\ I think I need to do another playthrough at some point, must have missed lot of stuff (especially since I discovered the triple jump after finishing the game).

Also, Gregg best boy.


Yeah, the ending felt a bit rushed. It didn’t ruin the game by any means though.

Cross postin from another thread but here it is anyway:

[spoiler]Mae’s realization of why she came home from college hit me like a goddamn truck because I experienced nearly exactly the same thing when i was 19-20 and tried college for the first time

When she describes sitting in her room for days on end only eating pizza and being constantly terrified of the world around her, being in that constant near state of panic attack of basically having to do anything, being so terrified of interacting with the outside world that the bravest thing you can possibly do is call your own parents and have them pick you up out of your own failure. Being taunted by the outside world because it represents everything you couldn’t but were expected to achieve

Not being able to tell your parents or your friends what happened because you dont even really know yourself and it would be a long time before you could actually put it into words, not in the least because the entire situation embarrassed you deeply and partially repressing it was the only way you could live with yourself. Having to act like everything was normal even though it clearly very much was not and everybody knew that but you had to act like it was anyway to not completely fall apart

Mae and I are not alike personality wise. She is very outgoing (sometimes violently so) and thats something I doubt I will ever be. But this is the first time I have identified so deeply with a character in fiction, down to the core like that. It gives me some small amount of comfort that somebody went through all the stuff I did and was able to turn it into a story like that[/spoiler]

Night in the Woods is one of the realest games I have played in a long time. I think it really shows to the quality of the writing that so many people I have spoken to about it here and otherwise connect to it in similar yet different ways. It has some real deep cuts in regards to gen-x/millennial Americana.


Could you link me to that piece? Would love to read!

I love NITW so much. It’s funny and real and sad and so on point whilst also just being a pleasure to play and explore. It’s one of the few story-based games where I’ve actively wanted to re-play it because there’s so much there that I missed several things until after the first playthrough. I’m currently itching to give it my third run but waiting until they patch the PS4 trophies that are glitched still.


I am so glad this game came out when it did. A week before, I had a really hard conversation with my significant other about how I don’t really know where I’m going with my life, and it didn’t go too well, and seeing Mae being in a similar place really helped me work through my own issues. I took a bit of a break with it, but I did eventually finish it, and I am glad I did. Highlights include Selmers’s poem in the library and Mae’s speech at the end. I cried at the end. It was great.


Here it is.

Mostly, the crux of it is that Garbo & Malloy and Sharkle are both the only characters that get any sort of vocal cue for their speech and I just wanted to dig into that - especially considering they’re the only true outsiders to the region. The party scene comes close, but it’s still local enough to interact with the characters, so y’know.


This game was this years Life is Strange for me. It kinda came out of nowhere and wrapped itself around my heart. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a long time after finishing Mae’s journey and I’m waiting for some distance from it to replay it again.

I would love a Switch port, just to have it with me wherever I go.


i love how like, everyone in night in the woods feels very real, they all really have their own thing going on and it happens regardless of whatever you contribute as mae.

i wish that like, most of the deleted scene with germ was kept in because it really like, gave a lot, to germ, that i liked a lot, but i really don’t like the part where germs grandma implies that she knows like, what mae’s deal is? mae being legitimately mentally ill and needing help and having massive issues is, a lot, and made me feel good, because it was hashtag relatable in a way that mentally ill people often arent portrayed?

maebea is also real and my friend, and it makes me feel A Lot… i love bea so much, i love like every character, and its just, it was really a game that just felt very good…

i also really like that the fandom has done a good job of making human headcanons for the characters not all white bc It’s True IMO


A lot of what I have to say has already been brought up by others, so there’s not a lot for me to add. NitW was a fantastic experience. Even being pretty far removed from the situation, I still found a lot to connect with in the characters. Mae’s parents were incredibly special to me. It was interesting to play a game like this where the parents were so easy to understand (from my standpoint anyhow). And Bea. What an amazing, crushing story behind that character. I really want to go back and play it through again. One of the best experiences I’ve had holding a controller.

Oh, and on a sidenote, Demontower was amazing!




mae and bea’s whole arc was sooo so good, i loved how difficult and awkward it was for both of them. i wanna replay it eventually because i loved it so much and because i’m curious about the gregg stuff that i missed but i also kind of can’t imagine not picking all the bea hangouts? like i absolutely adore gregg but mae and bea’s friendship just feels so core to the game for me. i’m sure that once i get started on it i’ll get sucked into the gregg times b/c he’s wonderful but also like. maebea forever, i love them and they’re in love

also in general i really loved how it felt like the game kind of started off with everything seeming Mostly okay and then just really quickly started picking that apart and getting into all the problems people had. like it’s this very pretty game with a bunch of animal people and it feels like it’s gonna be pretty light at first but then it gets Very Real very quickly and i love it


I love the way the game uses that simple structure- it almost reminds me of a farming or harvesting sim, in how you quickly get into a routine. And it’s bolstered by the fact that it really did feel like how it is to come home to a small town, the moments of nostalgia that turn into boredom as they become standard. Really a lot of things about that game hit me but the way it uses routine really affected me.


I particularly liked this as a way to have the player mirror Mae’s understanding of the situation. Early on, both Mae and I thought it was just that she had some stuff to deal with, and we were returning to her home where people could support her. But really, we both learned just how much everyone else is simultaneously dealing with.