Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn Edition Announced


Hey! Remember that adorable little game about a young adult cat and her friends doing crimes in the rust belt? Well today the folks at Infinite Fall announced that they’ll be releasing a new edition of Night in the Woods with new game content, as well as the two NITW predecessors packed in: Lost Constellation and Longest Night. Also, the new content will come as a free update for anyone who already owns NITW!

You can find the announcement and more info here:


Awesome! Night in the Woods is an absolutely charming game and I hope some extra content will bring this game to a wider audience. December 13th is also a really close release date.


Really excited for this new version! That said, unsure of how the Bass Ackwards and Maestro achievements will go if the guitar segments shown in the trailer are actually new songs being added. Might also have to give Lost Constellation a try, since I already played Longest Night.


Night In The Woods is for sure one of the best games of this year (full disclosure I know Soctt Benson in a very very minor capacity) so I can’t wait for this version

I’ll be especially interested to see how this new stuff is added as I can’t say it really need a whole lot more save maybe a bit more in the final act


He’s talking about the Switch, right?


That’s awesome. I’ll probably play through the whole game again just because it’s been a while. Lost Constellation and Longest Night are two really short but really fun supplemental stories.


I can’t wait to see my trash babies again.


Still haven’t gotten this and now I’m undecided!

Maybe I’ll get it on and maybe double dip on the SWITCH later and play the new stuff.

Waiting for Switch is tempting but I really want to support them on


Bea is bae
Greg cool, ok
Angus got that ass
And Mae day


Can’t believe they have the gall to charge for it.

(I know it’s free, just funny to see nitw creators apparently not getting that across to some people on twitter)


His comment about “another console coming soon” back-to-back with “Weird Autumn available everywhere else in January” makes me super excited for the game’s future on the Switch! I’ll absolutely shell out full price for the Weird Autumn edition there, which’ll be my third purchase of Night In The Woods, I think. Still just as excited!


It going to be like reading a book on a tablet.


I’ve been putting off playing this game for way too long - looks like I’m going to have to wait just a little bit longer for the definitive experience. I did play the free PC prologues though and they were both super cool. If I have a Switch by then (and that IS what they’re hinting at) that kinda seems like the ideal platform to play it on for me.

So glad the game has been doing well enough to warrant an expanded edition.


Absolutely love this game, one of my favs of the year. Really cool to see it getting more development love. I’ve wanted to replay it and now I’ll have a great excuse.

Please tell me they are adding a mode where I can just play the songs over and over. Gosh, those songs!