Nintendo Announces Sequel to 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild'

After delaying Animal Crossing: New Horizons into 2020, Nintendo closed its E3 2019 presentation with a surprise confirmation that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is getting a sequel. Nintendo didn’t give much information about the game⁠—or any information, really⁠—and it’s expected to be quite a ways away.

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lorule. calling it now. I don’t sincerely believe it but it’d be fun to be right.


well they look like they’re blasting off with hyrule castle at the end, so what if lorule this time is like a mirror universe in the sky, and when you look up from lorule you see hyrule and you can ride wind gusts to get to the point where their gravity reverses and then you’re back in hyrule and its like mario galaxy gravity with a weird mirror universe and—

*immediately bursts into flame


This is where I go into a Jedi trance. Wake me up when Link is ready to get real creepy.


E3 2019 is now great. The gif is finished. It goes Keanu saying ‘check this out!’ then the tone setting BOTW 2 trailer, then Ikumi Nakamura from the Bethesda conference finishing with ‘its spoooooky’. I’ll just watch that on a loop and get all the endorphins i need.

Also Zelda’s haircut is great. Best haircut of E3.


Figured they be working on a new Zelda as a follow up to Breath of the Wild.

It probably has a long way to go development wise but of course I’m excited for the sequel to the best game of all time.*

Big questions are where will it take place? They already did Hyrule so I’m guessing it’ll be somewhere completely different. The tease of the new villain felt like this could maybe be a majora’s mask kind of sequel? I have a feeling it might be co-op. One way to add to all the great open world stuff is to have a buddy to rock around with.

*denotes mild hyperbole.

so after this trailer was released i immediately was like i have to play botw again so i started it last night and had completely forgot about all the explanation at the beginning about how they were digging under the ground and found the divine beasts and that calamity ganon had come up from under the castle so i assume that this is where the trailer is?? like something is under the castle and they’re going down there to find it idk i know nothing about zelda lore

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If they made it a roguelike with pvp it would be the the ultimate game. Throw some microtransactions in and it’ll replace fortnight.

Imagine eight proceduallly generated dungion with asynchronous multiplayer like dark souls.

I have made myself sad cause it won’t be that terribly beautiful.

My wish for a followup starts and ends with: Better, larger and more unique dungeons (the mechanical use of the map is great but they just felt like small puzzleboxes, not great tombs), and a playable Zelda.

Idk if I subscribe to the theory that she’s playable because she’s got shorter hair, but the fact she’s there with Link gives me hope that she’ll have more agency in the proceedings and that it’s not another tired damsel in distress plot.

A playable Zelda could also mean not only different abilities, but additional magic. At the end of BotW she even gives you a magic bow, magic archer time, baby!


The weird Zelda tone of this trailer has made me feel super guilty for never vibing with Majora’s Mask. Will this be the catalyst for me giving that game a fair shot? Maybe!

I’m really worried everyone is getting mega extra hype for something that probably isn’t coming.
Remember when people thought Link was Zelda in the early teaser form BotW? Or that it might have been a girl link?
Nintendo is obviously paying much more attention to Zelda as a character as seen with Link between worlds and BotW. She’s fully playable in Necrodancer, which is much more of a zelda game than I thought. But all we see in this teaser is something that could easily exist as an extra cutscene I’m BotW. Zelda is in a lot of that game’s flashbacks hanging out with Link and crew.
It would be cool if zelda did more, but I think getting hype about that is way premature.

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The cautious part of me is telling me that it’s way too early to make any judgements, and that having Zelda be playable in a core entry of a huge franchise might be too far a jump for Nintendo.

But on the other hand I saw someone do a mockup logo for The Legend of Link and I am weak in all my joints.

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Zelda probably won’t be a playable character. I won’t get my hopes up, at least, considering precedent.

But she has had increasingly more agency over the past several titles. Tetra in Wind Waker was probably the beginning? But then she was, in a sense, “playable” in some sections of Spirit Tracks (she possessed phantoms, which you could then control). On the pod last night, Patrick (I think) mentioned her having more narrative agency in Skyward Sword. And Breath of the Wild followed that trend. There also hasn’t been NO change over this time.

Right now, I’m trying to guess the title, or decide on what to call it until it’s revealed, since Nintendo hasn’t done a [previous title] “2” for a Zelda game in a long time.

What would be a cool weird/creepy title that plays off of BOTW? “Hush of the Wild”? “Breath of the Barrens”? “The Legend of Zelda: Aw Shit Here We Go Again”? The possibilities are truly endless.

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They have in Japan. Link between worlds is just triforce of the gods 2.

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Is it really? That’s really interesting.

Do you know if any of the other direct or sort-of sequels (Majora’s Mask, Phantom Hourglass, Link’s Awakening) like that as well? I thought they only every did that for Adventure of Link.

When Twilight Opens Below


I accidentally posted this in the Nintendo show thread instead of here but…

Idk what to make of his words.
Obviously they don’t want to share too much because it’s certainly quite early and things can change, but I guess one can read into the reluctance to respond as a cheeky “Ooo, well I can’t say we’re not doing that” kind of thing, but it’s probably a sincere can’t-reveal-too-much-yet.
I feel like they maybe would’ve said no if it wasn’t a possibility though?

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Supposedly he was quick to say no when people initially thought Link might be a woman, so his hesitance here could be saying something. I won’t be taking anything from it though, because Nintendo.

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