Nintendo Delays Advance Wars Remake Until Further Notice

Not really surprised seeing as the original game starts with the Russian stand in Blue Moon invading Orange Star.

Wonder if other publishers/developers are rethinking games. I believe the rumor right now is that Activision’s next Call of Duty is a sequel to the Modern Warfare reboot and is supposed to come out this year but I can’t even imagine being so tone deaf that you stick to the release of a remake of the game that is famous for the No Russian mission.

Like how Rainbow Six: Quarantine became Rainbow Six: Extraction? Yeah, I imagine anybody working on anything Russia-adjacent right now is probably undertaking a big ol’ rethink right now.

Feels a bit silly, but of all of the ways corporations have responded to the conflict, it’s a harmless gesture I suppose. Wonder if they’ll restart the marketing when they deem it more appropriate, or just cut their losses and drop it to the eshop quietly in a couple of months.

The funny part is that this is almost no sacrifice on the part of the audience. The GBA versions are still fantastic tactics games and are easily accessible through, uh, certain means.

Man, if Nintendo could get their shit together and make their Game Boy and Game Boy Advance libraries available on Switch, that’d be nice.


The greatest game ever made is ready to just be put on every Switch in the world, Game Boy Tetris. A game smuggled out of the USSR and delivered to the masses.


Considering how closely tied to the US MIC that CoD is (technically even moreso with MS ownership, considering what MS develops elsewhere), i imagine both the risk and the literal direct government oversight will be very very stingy yeah. The once easy fake conflict ultrabaddie just became way, way more taboo (though they already have the easy out to just ‘be inspired’ by a real war crime again and say a definitely-not-evocative faction of brown people did it instead of the Russians this time, yaaaay)

Anyway I’d place money on GBA being one of the most widely emulated consoles ever so i think most people interested in Advance Wars to begin with can find any reason to boot it back up again, including the news that the remake’s not happening. Among remakes like it it’s maybe one of the less necessary, too. it’s far from like, Front Mission 1/2 levels of ‘damn this could use some QoL real bad’.

I mean, yeah, the thing I really wanted was new Advance Wars anyway. I would have settled for just re-releasing the GBA originals (although my personal nostalgia is for the DS ones). Pixel art often ages pretty well anyway, I didn’t really need a remake.

As an aside, having not played the GBA ones, I didn’t realise that the story starts out with fake-Russia launching an invasion. That makes the delay story more comprehensible to me than when I thought it was just a general reticence to release a modern-ish themed war game.

Complicated feelings here. On one hand, I’m not a fan of games that use the aesthetics of contemporary violent conflict to sell copies without also applying a critical eye to what that means, so I’m glad that there’s a bit of a “uh, is this a good idea? maybe read the room” moment here.

On the other, most of the people who make these games are rarely directly involved in the decisions that result in these games being largely uncritical of their subject matter, and ultimately that’s whose prosperity will be affected if this moment in history delays a cohort of mil-games.


Yeah, this does feel potentially conservative on its face considering how childlike and cartoony the AW games are.

On the other hand, that also makes a strong argument for why you might want to delay a game like this.

Painting warfare as a Fisher-Price colored chess match feels fine in peace time, but it is a totally different vibe when you can turn on the TV and contrast that with a ton of real human suffering at any minute of the day. Definitely not going to hold it against Nintendo for treading lightly here.

I understand your point in general, but:
when was the last “peacetime”, actually,