Nintendo Direct 9/23/21

And there’s other stuff too BUT


Chris Pratt as Mario reads like a bad joke.


I know they need to attach a big name to this to get people to show up but Charles Martinet is literally in the booth doing voices for this movie already

I’m not imagining things, that’s a new voice for Bayonetta right?

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So, back when the SNL cast included Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, and Kristin Wiig, they used to do these audition skits, which supposedly were audition reels for movies that had never been released. The choices of actors were always way out there, like Alan Alda for Robert Muldoon from Jurassic Park, and the absurdity of this was part of the joke.

The announcement of the voice cast for the Mario Movie felt like one of these skits.

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Am I alone in my ActRaiser hype? Because I got a ton of ActRaiser hype.


There where multiple times in that segment where I really thought it was a bit.

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Twitter went ham for ActRaiser

I believe you’re correct.

To my eyes, it looks like either a prequel or some kind of soft-reboot. Bayonetta’s new hairstyle is a plain-as-day reference to Cereza from the original game.

And, wait-- this is news to me, but apparently canonically the original game’s Cereza ended up in a parallel universe??? If so, that’s gotta be what’s happening in this trailer and we’re actually playing as the parallel Cereza.

I thought it looked really cool. I tried to play the game as a kid, and I could just not get into it. But, up until a few years ago, strategy games were not my thing. So while I could dig the side-scrolling parts, the strategy/sim parts were like snooze fest for me.

Im much more into those types of games now, so I might play the remaster. See how it fares.

I was screaming out loud. Absolutely unbelievable I will be getting a remaster of ActRaiser with new content (at least music!) on my Switch when I get home from work today. What a world!

That was a good direct with lots of surprises!! Thought the Monster Hunter teaser at the beginning was Dragon’s Dogma 2, but a good surprise. Kirby looks adorable. Lots of new content for games I already own. I’d pretty much given up hope of being convinced to play New Horizons again, but the arrival of Blathers has me excited to tidy up my island once again

I am really looking forward to the new Kirby game, is this the first time Kirby has gone full 3D platforming in a “mainline” game?


Astonishing that we’ve gotten this far in the thread without anybody mentioning the new Yoko Taro Card RPG dropping in a month lol


With a demo today! I think the drama over the Mario cast has kinda overtaken everything else at this point lol

What is Winnie the Pooh protesting?


Developers trying to clear cut the Hundred Acre Woods to build condos.


Voice of Cards was definitely my highlight. The atmosphere hooked me immediately. Someone already uploaded a demo walkthrough and after watching for a few minutes, I can already tell this game’s thing will be that its going to go full meta at some point.

Planet Robobot had a minigame which was basically them experimenting with making Kirby a 3D platformer, which they later released an expanded version of called Kirby’s Blowout Blast. But aside from that it’s only really been 2D platformers and spin-offs with the closest thing to a full 3D Kirby game being Air Ride.

So yeah this is the first time they’re making a main Kirby game that’s fully a 3D platformer.


Yoko Taro is literally the only reason I’m thinking of playing a card game. I’m not a big fan of them. Any type of mass collection in a game tends to overwhelm me. Too many options.

But, I’ll be damned if I won’t follow Yoko Taro anywhere.