Nintendo Direct 9/23/21

So what’s the verdict on the Actraiser remake, if anyone here has played it?

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You: The Last of Kirby; Kirby of the Wild

Me, an intellectual: Kirby Automata


I only noticed on a rewatch that in the Bayo trailer the famous Shibuya shopping mall had been renamed “101” :joy:

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I don’t know what I’m gonna do about Kirby going 3D. I’m already bad at understanding space in 2D platformers! Kirby is about as hard as I can go!

Kirby looks cute / I’m gonna play the heck out of Triangle Strategy (it’s just called that now? it’s not a working title anymore?) / my boyfriend is very excited about Bayonetta / I’ll download the Animal Crossing update and go see Brewster and say hi to all my guys and maybe tidy up a bit and then put it back down forever again

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Biden Administration’s handling of Haitian refugees. He feels horrified and betrayed by the Democratic Party promising change and being just as evil as before.

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Also, re: the Animal Crossing announcement of an announcement, a reaction from artist/old-school Internet personality (1UP Radio boards represent)/Animal Crossing enthusiast Bill Mudron:

Voice of Cards looks cool, I’m not a big fan of Yoko Taro but card RPGs are my jam so I might play it.

And I will play anything they put Kirby in, especially if it looks like it is set in some sort of Last of Us-ian apocalypse. What eldritch horror caused this, and how many games will it take for them to just be chill friends with Kirby and the crew? I can’t wait to find out, hope Marx shows up again.

Also, I only played Deltarune Chapter 2 like, four days ago, but it’s already installed it on my Switch. :deer: