Nintendo Direct Feb 2021

Figured there might be some interest in discussing. Really excited for the Triangle Strategy aka Octopath Tactics!


I’m just here for Mario Golfing (and Groose)


I can’t believe I correctly predicted the announcement of future announcements w/r/t BOTW2. But yeah, I imagine this year’s going to be pretty light on video games so I’m in for some Mario Golf and whatnot. I’ll be very curious to see how the camera works in Skyward Sword HD if the right stick is used for sword combat.


COVID still fucking up Japanese game devs pretty hard, it seems.

The main thing I’m personally waiting on is Bayonetta 3, but some of the smaller announcements in this Direct were still pretty good. And as for the big ones, while I didn’t much care for Octopath, I could see myself getting into that tactics game.

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I can’t believe I allowed myself to get excited when Aonuma showed up.

Skyward Sword is cool though. Only Zelda game I’ve never played (or at least started) at this point, so I’m excited to finally try it out.


I’m also excited for ersatz FF Tactics. Can’t wait to check out the demo.

I also feel very much called out for not playing my Wii copy of Skyward Sword. Will have to fix that soon.

Fingers crossed that Triangle Strategy’s interpretation of “old school jrpg” doesn’t include “the worst grinding you’ve experienced since FF2”

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I really love Wario’s golf outfit, the yellow/purple golf pants are a look.

Octopath Tactics: The War of the Saltiron is :eyes:, because I just want more FF Tactics.

I don’t love Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s character designs, but I do like the characters despite that, so I am here for Pyra. I am sure the general Smash base is screaming about an anime girl with a sword, but IDC. IDC. Pyra is my daughter, and I respect her beating the shit out of Link.

I am a BIG Skyward Sword respecter, and will happily pay $80 to play it again even though I still own a device that plays Wii games and the game disc. It’s got one of the best worlds and stories of the franchise, but I am glad there’s going to be a ‘play it with buttons’ option.


for reference:

definitely a look


I really like that Nintendo just gets that Wario’s gotta be the game’s John Daly

(Just, y’know, without the Trump support, obviously)


Had this on a commentary stream of this on the background while I did housework (despite not and having no desire to own a Switch) and saw a couple of things that looked neat! (Some of which I’ll be able to play because they’re releasing elsewhere too!

I’m actually not at all interested in the game because I don’t like Tactical RPGs, but I just wanna say that Triangle Strategy is a beautiful name and I sincerely hope they don’t change it before it comes out. I think I literally yelled “Yes!!!” when the title for it came up on the screen.

Neon White looked pretty cool! Seemed like it also had dating elements in addition to the speedy first person platforming/card combat?

World’s End Club is a game I bailed on when it came released on Apple Arcade because I knew it was unfinished and ended on a cliffhanger that would get picked up when it came elsewhere. (Also, I didn’t enjoy playing it with touch controls.) It seemed… interesting to basically spoil the premise of the game in the trailer? Neat that it has an English dub now. Crossing my fingers that this is coming to other platforms eventually!

Glad to know that the SaGa Frontier remaster has a date on it! I literally started playing the original earlier this year before I remembered this was coming out so I’m real excited to get back into it!

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No, no, you see she IS the sword so it’s different.


I’m extremely excited for Splatoon 3. It’s still a while away, but it’s a great excuse for me to just dive headfirst back into Splatoon 2, not that I really ever left. The new setting is really exciting and seems to follow through with the ending of the Chaos vs Order Splatfest, which was won by Chaos. I’m curious to see what new gameplay modes they’ll have for ranked, and also whether the single player campaign will be more like the excellent Octo Expansion, or will they just play it safe with a follow-up to the first two campaigns.


this direct has some must have!
wow a new Mario golf´s Rpg story mode!, omg that Legend of Mana!
its an amazing surprise that Famicom Detective club games was localizated!
whats next? Shin Onigashima and Yuuyuki?

Well my Pyra/Mythra swap character prediction came true, just 2 years late.

I tried the Triangle Strategy demo and boy did they go all in on the tropes. “Gustadolph” is Lysanderoth’s next door neighbour, I’m pretty sure. To some extent that’s just the genre, I get it, but if you’re just going to play madlibs with a bog standard story template, maybe don’t be so long-winded about it? Could be the gameplay is great, but I couldn’t slog through all the cutscenes.

ANYWAY, I didn’t get along with the combat in the original Bravely Default II demo, but for whatever reason it clicked better for me in the new version. I think I might actually pick this one up when it’s out.


Since no-one has posted it yet, here it is for reference:


I’m also one of those that thinks that Salt Triangle Game looks great. I haven’t really played any of the classics in the genre but I will one day I promise. I also am looking forward to Legend of Mana. That looks beautiful.

Mario Golf!!!

Skyward Sword is fine. I bought it the day of its release in high school and it does a lot of cool things, but don’t feel any need to play it again. My wife is excited for it though!

It’s weird seeing people so excited for Triangle Game. Octopath is a game with great combat (seriously, best of the best when it comes to turn-based combat), but it stumbles in just about every other aspect. Bad story, bad visuals (outside of battles), bad dialogue, bad voice acting. This trailer had some interesting Proper Nouns that seem fun, but I’m going to be skeptical that this team can pull it off until I see some reviews.


Glad to see literally my entire timeline in my mentions letting me know SPLATOON 3 IS REAL AND HAPPENING.

I haven’t been this excited for a game since… I dunno, ever? My relationship with Splatoon 2 over the past year has been me just burning out of ranked play, but I’d forgotten just how hard that games hits all my nerves. Splatoon 3 somehow goes even harder by heading to the desert and moving to a city that’s even denser, more shambolic than Inkopolis.