Nintendo Direct Feb 2021

I’m excited that NMH3 is coming soon, still disappointed by the complete lack of Bayonetta 3 though.

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what are the odds that people will end up using Knockout City as an example of how Not to Market a Game? the game itself seems kinda interesting, but the trailer felt like it drained any sense of identity from the whole thing and now people are only talking about it because they want that princess in her own game. that isn’t Knockout City. because she isn’t in that game at all. :upside_down_face:

i also looked up who’s making Neon White after the Direct:

so that’s a stylish, fast-paced FPS made by people who worked on Donut County, Heaven Will Be Mine, 100ft Robot Golf and Journey. … fuck.


I think the excitement for Project Salt comes from a few different places. A lot of people (myself included) are just plain hungry for SRPGs, especially isometric perspective FFT-likes…

Also I think a fair amount of people probably disagree with your assessment of Octopath’s visuals - many thought it was a great looking game, and Salt Iron seems to retain that look. Isometric perspective SRPG + interesting graphics + immediate demo is more than enough to get a big hype train rolling!

I’m cautiously optimistic about it. I think it looks great, and if they can nail the combat and important SRPG mechanics (job system?) that’ll be enough for it to be a hit in my book. Good story, writing or voice acting would be great, but I’m not getting my hopes up…

I really appreciate the early demo. I wish this was a more common custom. Look forward to playing it soon.


It’s so, so weird to me that that was the marketing angle they went with it. I don’t think KC has huge personality to begin with, but you could do a lot with “dodgeball shooter” and… yeah, what you said. The framing just saps any character the game could’ve had.


Neon White looks like the last type of game I would want to play with any Switch controllers.


Oh boy, not surprised to see that Triangle Strategy maybe didn’t learn anything from Octopath Traveller. The trailer initially had me very excited and, like Octopath, it sure looks beautiful in a reveal trailer. However, I am definitely in the camp of people @mufosta notes: Octopath had cool combat and unbearable everything else as far as I was concerned. On the other hand, I am also very much like @ox_out_the_cage and extremely hungry for an old-school feeling SRPG (and pray that one day we will get the FFT Switch port that we need)… so I think I am going to skip this demo and wait until the game is further along.

Not like I am going to have much time for other games as the latest Monster Hunter Rise trailer has me extremely excited for all the new new stuff this game will introduce and the return of everyone’s favorite super saiyan ape.

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Triangle Strategy looks gorgeous, but like Octopath Traveller I’m gonna hold off until we have some indication of whether or not the characters and story are any good.

Famicon Detective Club was the surprise MVP of the Direct for me. While I’d never heard of the games before, I love that something so niche is getting remade, and it looks like 100% My Shit.

Also, this may be a weird question, but for those still playing, is it worth picking up Splatoon 2 at this point, given that the whole order v. chaos plot has been resolved and the sequel’s been announced? I’ve always loved the idea of those games, but have never actually played one. The Splatoon 3 trailer got my excited for that world again, and I’m wondering if I should just give 2 a shot since that’s, you know, already out.

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There’s still enough people playing to get in matches pretty consistently, but without splatfests and stuff there’s not as much bringing me back consistently. The singleplayer levels are really great! It’s hard for me to recommend Nintendo games at all though because they never get cheaper.


Nintendo Direct was weird! The big game was Splatoon 3, having played neither of the other two I didn’t get pumped, I’m not a big multiplayer person.

Mario Golf probably got me most excited. The race mode possessed a chaotic energy even in just video , I loved it.

Can’t believe Nintendo went all in for the first direct in over a year to tell us about a lot of jrpgs. What a time

I was not a fan of Octopath’s story either, but Triangle Tactics might fit this team better. Strategy RPGs don’t really need to be the most heavily invested in characters’ inner lives versus the grand political melodrama.

I really love Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre, but people don’t love those games for the memorable deep characters. Everybody loves Agrias but I will argue that is mostly because she looks like this:

She’s really pretty. Great character design. She was Saber years before Saber was Saber. And Agrias is the best unit in the game by far when she joins your army. Same reason people love the THUNDER GOD when he joins.

She doesn’t really have a big role in the plot. Unfortunately, the game is written assuming every solider you recruit can die the very next mission, so major characters disappear completely when they join your party. Agrias gets one sidequest where another soldier wants to buy her perfume for her birthday and that’s it. Gone for the rest of the game.

I love FFT, love it to the death. I might love Tactics Ogre even more. But those are not stories about rich character interactions like Final Fantasy VII or VIII or IX or X. Even FFXII, which gets a lot of criticism for being more about the politics than the characters, is doing a lot more than either game.

Triangle Tactics should be fine.


Famicom Detective Club looked really interesting but $35 each feels like a steep ask.


A confession: I beat FFT War of the Lions and watched all the cutscenes, etc. Everybody talks about the story being good but I frankly do not remember a dang thing about it. But the game fun to play (broken in the best way), and I remember it fondly as such. Which is to say I’m really not worried about Triangle Game’s story much at all, so long as it is coherent.

For those that ARE worried, kotaku ran a story on the demo that sounds very promising - you have to negotiate with your own army to make critical decisions. Sounds very cool. Demo is allegedly like 3-5 hours long, planning to check it out soon.

IMO what’s interesting about FFT’s story is less that it’s particularly good, but more that it gestures at being a a more military/“political” story, with a more serious tone, and less of a save the world by people with special powers deal. Which I think is something that a particular audience wanted more of: a sense that the world was bigger than the characters, and that conflict had consequences.

I fully admit to being in that audience when FFT first came out. I think I still am. I don’t think that as a (melo)dramatic story, it has a patch on the other FF’s of the era, but I found it a more satisfying narrative, anyway.


This immediately makes me think of Shin Megami Tensei and I cannot decide if I love or am horrified by the idea of trying to use the negotiation system in that series to try and manage an army.

Famicom Detective Club is a surprise, I didn’t know that they had already gotten a remake in Japan. It feels like such an outlier of a Nintendo series, from an era before their image crystallized.

I’ve played the SNES version of the second game and remember it as a solid enough story. Might pick them up.

Now, can be get a localized Tokimeki Memorial sometime? lmao


Yeah I think I came out a little too hot on the “Octopath is bad!” train. I should explain a bit more: I don’t think the visuals are bad persay. The sprite art, especially of enemies, is so well-done! And after seeing the “SaGa Frontier” remaster in the direct, where they got rid of sprite art, it’s cool to see Square Enix not forgetting/erasing the fact that sprites can look great. There was just a weird filter over Octopath where the edges are blurred, and even turning that filter off (which was an option!) didn’t really help.

This is where I’m at with it, too! I hope that the team succeeds, and that they learn from the falters of Octopath Traveller. Not trying to be a hater!

I’m of two minds about this. If capcom released a new Phoenix Wright I’d fork over $35 immediately no questions asked and I’ve certainly paid that much for similar graphic novel games before. I think the price feels weird because they’re releasing two at the same time and because it’s Nintendo.