Nintendo Direct Mini - March 26, 2020

Somewhat mixed on XC when I played the 3DS port years ago. There’s a good amount of nuance to the combat system, I actually like the pseudo-MMO design there. The setting, characters, and music are all pretty great.

It unfortunately has a massive bloat of JRPG filler content, something like 300 quests that are variants on killing a few monsters or picking up random items (often with no direction on where to find them). The inventory interface has two different junk tabs that both can contain sidequest-important items. The equipment and crafting systems are a nightmare.

I though there was potential for future games to be more focused experiences, but XCX dumps a ton of systems on top of what was already there, and XC2 is just an awful game IMO. Maybe this remake will soften the points of friction from the original.

Xenoblade Chronicles is one of my favorite RPGs of the last decade, so I’m very much looking forward to the remake.

While the game does have an excess of mundane sidequests, they are very skippable if that’s not your thing. That being said, the intricate web of NPC’s that you can connect together through many of those quests is actually quite neat and satisfying to complete. And if I’m remembering correctly, the game does indicate a difference between quests that lead to story content and the ones that are just pure filler for rewards.


I always hear about sidequests being skippable but then end up underleveled when I actually try to skip sidequests, so I think this just isn’t going to be a game for me.

If the balance stays the same then Xenoblade had the opposite problem. Doing all/most of the side-quests made you pretty overleveled and I remember wishing I had done a few less by the end game when bosses started to become too easy.

I can’t speak for whether it’s feasible to skip ALL side-quests though, because even at minimum I can’t help but do some along the way.

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