Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcae July 20, 2020

So, in true Nintendo fashion, Nintendo announced a “Nintendo Direct Mini” for this morning late last night and then proceeded to release an eight minute video:

While the video itself is definitely miniature in terms of length and substance, Nintendo managed to casually toss in at the end that Shin Megami Tense: Nocturne is getting a Switch port in Spring 2021 and Shin Megami Tensei V is being released in 2021!

Anyone else excited about this news (or the other news)?!


Those last two announcements are obviously the most significant, but I’m really excited for more content for Cadence of Hyrule! Like, it’s a great game that I’m thrilled to return to, but beyond that I want to see Nintendo continue to let outside developers work with their licenses.


These probably could have been dropped as individual trailers. Apparently the Japanese video had more going on.

I don’t think that Nintendo or any developer should have to maintain their current project schedules (I know a good many which are unfortunately doing major crunch to make up for the WFH setback), though it would still be good to know what’s going on internally since there’s no first party games in the books for this year.

I was curious what this new Hi-Rez game was, and that’s been deflated instantly.

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Nice news with Nocturne, that game looks very cool. I have no reason to be excited for 5 because I haven’t played any of them anyway. Still hoping for Persona 4 on something other than PC.

It was unfounded, but that is what I was hoping this video would be when I saw the announcement. I do not think the Crypt/Cadence games are for me personally but it is extremely cool to see Nintendo give a platform–and major IP–to smaller developers and allow them to create offbeat variants on known franchises.


Yeah, I absolutely loved the idea of Necrodancer, but I got even less far with the actual gameplay than I do with most roguelikes. Although it seems like Cadence might be more approachable in a lot of ways?

Still, I’m glad those crazy kids are still doing stuff.

Cadence is a lot like newer Fire Emblems where it feels like the difficulty settings are either too low or too high. Necrodancer is just absurd and a case of “I don’t think the devs tested most of this themselves”.


I could really use some SMTV gameplay footage after waiting like five years, gotta say.

I quickly bounced off of Necrodancer because of the difficulty wall, but breezed through Cadence - and loved every minute of it! It’s structured more like a Zelda game than a roguelike and I was able to make very steady progress.


I very much want to play the SMT games on my Switch and was really hoping news of a remaster would be for something this year, not next but that’s where we are. How do these games work? Are they super connected? Bad question from bad person but thanks in advance.

Crypt of tbe Necrodancer is one of my favourite games of all time, and I enjoyed Cadence of Hyrule as well. I think Cadence has a mode where you don’t need to follow the beat, which is the thing everyone I know has trouble with in Necrodancer, so it’s definitely more accessible.

The Season Pass is only $15, so I’ll probably end up getting it.

i’m super excited about nocturne on switch for sure.

The SMT games are generally not connected spare SMT IV and SMT IV: Apocalypse which, as the name suggests, is a sequel. The combat across the series is fairly consistent—turn based team battles—and if you are familiar with Persona it shouldn’t be too alien. Heck, there are typings and (dis)advantages based on move and demon typing similar to pokemon. In the games you are generally amassing demons not so much by “catching” them but by “fusing,” combining, demons you have. Demons are “caught” for the most part by having weird conversations with wild demons.

The games are a lot of fun with multiple endings, some really fun overwrought stories and dialogue, and excellent character design. The only thing I think worth noting is if you go digging into SMT further I feel pretty safe in saying the larger fandom is trash. The reddit group was just an awful den of edge lord to alt-lite/right garbage a few years ago. Do not let that stuff tarnish the games as a whole.


Some are slightly connected, but Nocturne is pretty much entirely stand-alone. You don’t need to have any knowledge about any other games.

Don’t know about SMTV, but so far I haven’t seen anything to suggest it’s a continuation of previous games.

Weirdly, that was never the thing I had an issue with. I just couldn’t figure out how to apply the game’s “this enemy type moves like this, so counter them by moving like that” battle strategy in those tiny, crowded rooms. Most of the arenas in Cadence seem a lot more spacious?

This is definitely true. Most of the time its fairly easy to disengage from a fight and get space to breathe and observe.

Mostly, yeah. The dungeons and boss fights are more like Necrodancer, but most of the game is in the overworld and that’s much more open and flexible.

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It is also maybe the only RPG series to take buffing and debuffing really serious. The infamous Matador boss in Nocturne is basically there to teach you that you have two options: go grind for hours and just win through pure strength or you can use buffs/debuffs to make the fight a lot more manageable.

Also the music


OH no one here posted the game only shown in the Japanese direct: Sakuna of Rice and Ruin.

I hate “this is x game + y game”, but Sakuna really is a marriage of a vanillaware 2D action sidescroller mixed with a farming sim of traditional Japanese rice farming.

I’ve been following this game since it was announced at E3 2017. In fact, this is basically the exact same trailer as shown back then, but with a shocking level of polish applied to it that I could only dream that original janky-game-with-an-interesting-premise would ever get.

And, yes, despite only being in the Japanese direct, it does have a localized release announced. It’ll be out November 10th in NA (before Japan even!) and 20th in Europe for the Switch.


Can I play just the rice-farming parts and ignore all the platformer combat sequences?

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