Nintendo Direct/Treehouse - E3 2019 Official Thread

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Welcome to the Waypoint Forum’s discussion of E3 2019. This is the official thread for talk about the Nintendo Direct and Treehouse and the games discussed and announced during that press conference. It can also contain discussion of further coverage of those games or companies that appears in later days. We want to contain overlap and multiple threads so please contain all discussion of Nintendo to this thread.
Thank you.

Link to conference stream: Twitch || Youtube

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Will Animal Crossing on Switch finally add an option to play as a furry? Doubtfully, but hope dies last.

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is kk slider a furry?

He’s literally a dog on two legs so yes

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Things I’m predicting:

  • New Smash character reveal
  • Animal Crossing Gameplay
  • Little update on Metroid Prime 4

Things that would be nice:

  • New Mario Kart
  • Super Mario 3D World port

Things that would be amazing:

  • Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 remaster & port
  • New main series Zelda tease

i ahve never thought about this. then i guess the villager is an interloper in a furry town huh

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Hey. Hey Nintendo. How you doin’ buddy?

Oh yeah? Really? That’s great to hear!

Where’s my new F-Zero game, you absolute monster?


Add in some gameplay footage of the Links Awakening remake and we’re probably set.


New stuff would be nice but really I just want a switch port of Pikmin 3. Pikmin 2 is one of my favorite games so my one regret about never getting a Wii U is not getting to play Pikmin 3.


Dear Nintendo,

Rune Factory 5 trailer. Please give. Thank you.

Much love,
diglett, Waypoint Forum User

(there have also been rumors about Witcher 3 for Switch, and tbh, I might put money on that happening.)


Where’s my switch Chibi-Robo?

I know it’s real Nintendo, where are you hiding it?

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Am fully expecting Fire Emblem footage and really hope the game looks good (and not too much like a Persona game). Beyond that, hoping we see some more of that strange Game Freak title and get some more info on the Baulder’s Gates ports.

In my heart of hearts I want more Final Fantasy ports by which I mean, all Final Fantasy Tactics games are brought to Switch and a new Ivalice Alliance project is announced.

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I can’t wait to find out what indie games people are finally going to play because they get ported to Switch. No, seriously, it’s been a huge deal for plenty of great developers.

Also I need to know what Town is.


My pie-in-the-sky Nintendo Direct wish is “Spelunky 2 is coming to the Switch, and it’s available today!!!”


I’m moderately excited to see what Nintendo has going on, but I will 100% be there with bells on for any Treehouse footage of Sword and Shield.

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Oh, I am also excited for whatever cheesy skits and jokes they have planned for Doug Bowser.

Man, I know this is all in good fun and everything like that but it is so weird to me that I just expressed a desire to see company’s President and COO make jokes during a 40 minute commercial.

I actually have excitement for this. Maybe it’s just because it isn’t some massive epic stage show where games are the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. It’s just like here are some games

Easily the “press conference” I’ve been most excited for. Fewest shooty games, most color, least loud dudes interrupting the presentation.

Most realistic things I’m looking forward to are FE and Link’s Awakening details and close-to-release indie games on switch. Least realistic things I want are a BotW sequel announcement and ports of the Pikmin trilogy and Paper Mario 2. Also, as always, please give me all the switch RPGs.


Megaman Battle Network


sorry for the double posts, but I just wanted to shout out the mods for setting all of this forum E3 stuff up. Having the links and schedule easily accessible was very helpful, and getting up the discussion threads ahead of time was a nice idea. Thanks y’all!