Nintendo Direct/Treehouse - E3 2019 Official Thread

If they announce a battle network collection or a new one I’ll lose my absolute mind. Please at least remaster 3

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Please just give me a Switch port of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, it was the arguably the best Wii U game, I swear if you put it on Switch it will sell please god just let me have this


If Atlus can’t even give us P5 on Switch, no way they’re putting in the work to translate this.

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Look. You’re not wrong.

But I’d gladly take Shin Megami Tensei: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Put Some Respect On It’s Name over Persona 5

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The only games I feel like I missed on WiiU were Mario Maker and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Give me Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Switch!

I’m really excited to see who the new Smash character is, and maybe they will be released today? That’s a very Nintendo thing. But I’m also interested in what indies are coming out, and hopefully Cadence of Hyrule gets a release date.

Nintendo tends to re-show things we already know so i expect:
Reminder of Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition S
Reminder of Dragon Quest Builder 2
Minecraft Dungeons
Fire Emblem Three Houses

things i think they’ll give a few more minutes to than the quick announcements:
Pokemon Sword and Shield (based on a new tweet)
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Daemon X Machina
Astral Chain
Luigi’s Mansion 3
Whatever the new smash dlc is probably erdrick from dragon quest. i highly doubt it’s banjo from banjo-kazooie because everyone was convinced for the last year when xbox and nintendo did cross play for minecraft and rocket league that it meant they were forming a partnership and their games and services might appear on others consoles. With that MIYAMOTO WILL BE AT MICROSOFT rumor turning out to be false i think people will finally start to realize the crossplay thing was just nintendo moving into the modern age (sorta they still have issues with online) and a way to stick it to Sony.

And much as i hate to say it as a huge Animal Crossing fan i bet we get little to no mention of the game.
Title and release date at most but probably not releasing til early 2020 or it may of been delayed even further. This might seem overly cynical but based on the last 9 months of 0 news and how long we’ve waited i bet we gotta wait more.

Wild guess: Super Mario 3D World / Pikmin 3 / TMS#FE / Wonderful 101 port to switch. 1 of these will happen or maybe more but not all four


What are the odds we get a Shin Megamo Tensei update? That was revealed, what, two years ago?

it was revealed in january 2017. we haven’t heard a word since. i don’t expect it to be there but who knows.

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How likely are we to get indie game ports info on this Direct (he asked rather than just wait 30 minutes to find out)? I’m really hoping we hear about some good indie titles like Pyre or something in that vane.

they gave a little bit of time to indies last year. i bet they do it again. but i don’t expect too many indie games since nintendo does separate indie showcase directs now.

I’m with you on Animal Crossing, I don’t think it will be in there. It’s one of the Nintendo’s big sellers, and supposedly out this year, but there has been no mention in the promotional material for the show. But please, Nintendo, prove me wrong. AC is the reason I will buy a Switch. It’s why I bought a 3ds.

All I want is more details on Fire Emblem Three Houses, Pokemon Sword and shield, Update on Shin Megami Tensei and another Wii U port (Like said before Tokyo Mirage Sessions PLEASE) and i’ll be happy with the direct. Everything else would just be icing on the cake.

I’m going to predict that there’ll be no Animal Crossing. Not because I’m trying to reverse-jinx it (DEFINITELY NOT), but because I’m a grown up practiced in tempering expectations.

call it Switcher 3, cowards.


Ya like s w o r d s s s s s ?

EDIT: They don’t even have a release date for em lol

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My poor boy Bowser…

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Thank you Nintendo!

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I can’t believe they’re making a Hotel Mario sequel.


oh, cool, now luigi can fart to jump


“What will befall the missing Mario and friends?”

Oh man, it’s a Mario is Missing sequel too?!