Nintendo @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


Like… I know people love Smash, but this has been going on for TWENTY MINUTES

I also have a bad history with Smash now but god why do they have to outline EVERY SINGLE CHANGE in each character? Like? Ubhewhhe???


Im calling it this is gonna be ridley



Man. I just wanted to see some of Prime 4 :frowning:


That’s it?



Yeah, for context, y’all: the runtime for the whole video was about 45 minutes. The runtime for the Smash portion was about 25 minutes.

Over half of their video was devoted to the minutiae of Donkey Kong’s facial expressions


I’d have liked to see metroid but apparently they told gameinformer it wasn’t ready to show yet.


I really don’t care about Ridley. I want Kiryu Kazuma, who needs to be in fighting games.


In a different time in my life, I would have been flipping out over Ridley being in Smash. He was always top on my list for the roster

But today? I just wanna grab some breakfast now


iirc that previous smash game had quite a few dlc characters so I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up being the case again, which is to say:

:clap: put :clap: solaire :clap: in :clap: smash :clap:


Can I just say, Fire Emblem is the one reason that I am buying my Switch. I have been waiting for that trailer for months.


There is justice in this world!


Not a whisper of Prime 4, huh? I missed the conference and that’s the only Switch game I’m interested in atm.


Apparently before the conference they said this Direct would be focused on games coming out in 2018 mostly.



nintendo i just want animal crossing im dying over here




Super Mario Party though.

I’m excited to make my friends play it with me!


I got the fire emblem I wanted. But not Animal Crossing or Metroid. See ya next direct Nintendo



Honestly, that’s the better choice, but I would pay good money to see the meltdown if it was Kiefer. I also hope they add a Venom Snake skin, but they probably won’t.

Solid Snake amiibo has to be coming though right?


that pokemon game is the most cynical shit ive ever seen. literally just an upres of a mobile game they’re selling for $60-$100 lol

no wild battles, no strategy component, no actual parts of pokemon that people like, just “throw a ball sometimes and have some half-assed trainer fights”


yeah it feels pretty lifeless to me. I like that they committed more to no random encounters and stuff, but the pokemon just kind of move very unnaturally and just kind of throw themselves at you to be captured. The prospect of catching 50 of the same pokemon goes against the idea of committing to my own and training it. Also, the whole point of having pokemon is to protect yourself against the wild ones, and in LGP/LGE, it all seems pointless to me.