Nintendo @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


Right now they’re showing that when you challenge a gym you’re told what type of pokemon is super effective and if you want to enter you need to bring one of those types.

This is upsetting.


I don’t know if what I was saw was the Fire Emblem I wanted or was expecting but it looks cool as hell.


Emphasis on the word “make,” as in, force, cajole, blackmail


I don’t know what you’re implying, my friends love it when I make them play Mario Party


So, is it just me, or does this new Smash Bros seem like more of an incremental release? It felt like they spent the whole time pointing out lots of minor changes. Seems like a lot of really nice little changes (especially for Final Smashes, dodging, and blocking). But overall this feels more like “Smash 4.5 Deluxe” instead of “Smash 5”. I kinda liked how each Smash Bros game would have a different graphical style, different game feel, new models for all the characters.

Also, they showed no singleplayer content at all. Will this game even have any singleplayer modes? Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I really enjoy the story modes in fighting games. For me, a story mode is the one thing that makes me actually buy a fighting game and play it at home, instead of just playing it at a party or on a friend’s console.


It will probably have singleplayer mini games, but Sakurai’s been opposed to story in Smash ever since people uploaded the Subspace Emissary cutscenes to youtube.


At this point I think the only thing that’ll get Nintendo to announce a new Animal Crossing is for me to buy New Leaf, so that I can immediately regret that purchase. (i’ve heard NL is quite good but I just want a game on the switch already)


Now that Crash is coming to Switch, I’m genuinely curious if he’ll show up later as DLC


Yeah, the single player is what I’m worried about. Since it seems incremental I am hoping that most of the work went into single player options and online functionality, but they didn’t actually show any of that so I’m concerned.

I will say though, if a lot of work goes into balancing, quality of life changes and tweaking characters I’ll be pretty happy. Making someone like Palutena fun to play is just as good as adding some dude from Xenoblade to me. The biggest little change they made for me was simplifying short hop attacks, which is a higher level thing that I never got good at.

I’m not expecting too many newcomers announced before launch since I think they’re going to be paid DLC. I really thought Waluigi was a shoo-in, though.


I have to say I’m impressed! I didn’t think they could disappoint me given how I feel about Nintendo these days but almost nothing but Smash and a bad looking Pokemon game sure did it so bravo?


I’m satisfied with getting every Smash character ever in a single game. That’s absolutely the simplest and most effective way for Nintendo to give fans of the series what they want, as at this point most of the remaining character desires are increasingly off the wall but simultaneously somewhat possible.

As for the presentation itself I wasn’t wowed, but it’s hard to complain. It’s easy to overlook how dope Fire Emblem looked (largely because Smash took up literally half of the show) but that could be huge.

It’s hard for me to be disappointed about Nintendo’s E3 for being light on any kind of announcement when we’re bound for at least 2 or 3 Directs in a year.


I know more information is coming, and I’m glad in a way they got a ton of Smash information out of the way instead of dealing with the insufferable drips of information and speculation. I just wanted something to really surprise me, and I got a bunch of information about stuff I largely already knew.


I’m just gonna say it again.

Daemon X Machinca. Featuring From Soft veterans who worked on Armored Core.

It’s all I need.


Very happy about Hollow Knight; not only did we get a release date but it was TODAY. Talk about salesmanship.
Can finally play this game!
Happy with the $15 price as well.


Is this the most “and it’s out TODAY” announcements we’ve had in one e3? I can’t remember it happening as often as it did today.

I wonder how many of these companies knew that in advance, because that’s a lot of things to get lost in the shuffle.


I had been waiting for Switch Hollow Knight for six months, so am kinda happy about it dropping now but kinda sad that I have picked up enough other games that I really shouldn’t play it now.

My main two thoughts are that it feels early for an Animal Crossing announcement still, since those games take work. Nintendo is still clearly interested in the IP (given the mobile game), so I think there is one on the cards (and likely in some kind of embryonic stage), but those games, from what I understand, are large and resource-intensive undertakings. That said, looking at the release dates for other Animal Crossing games, they are usually quite early in the console release cycle… but that’s a degree of nitty-gritty that I’m definitely not qualified to speculate about!

My second thought is that I want to like Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I’m one of those people who really likes two Fire Emblem games and is not fussed about the series’ recent output (although I did not play Echoes), so I’m interested to see what form this takes. The character designs look pretty promising…


The negative reaction to the Pokemon spinoff games is surprising. It’s been a while since the gen 1 remakes, and to be perfectly honest, the random battles are often the least interesting part of the series. Trainer battles aren’t that difficult to begin with, but random battles are entirely a “do you have the right type y/n” affair with next-to no back and forth.

It’s clearly an experiment to combine Pokemon Go and the traditional series structure. I don’t see the cynicism in that concept.


It is interesting that they didn’t really explicitly tease any of the mechanics specific to the most recent (and most popular) FE games, like romance mechanics. Which doesn’t mean it won’t be in the final product, but it’s interesting that stuff wasn’t confirmed right out of the gate.

Cynical take- I hope 3 houses doesn’t mean there’ll be three games, lol.

Also, title makes me want a FE: Three Kingdoms game now.


Pokemon was supposed to be the thing that made me want a switch, and going back to Kanto after the excellent Alola games feels really off. I love gen 1! But Pokemon Go scratched that itch for me, and bringing the minigame I’m awful at to console is a really bad sell. At least you can have an Eevee starter - I love Colosseum and even a vague continuation of that makes me happy.


Excited for what looks like a significant Xenoblade DLC and Fire Emblem.

But yea… that sure was… a lot of Smash Brothers. Presented in a way that did nothing to convert me on Smash Brothers. Will be interested to see what happens to the competitive scene; I very much doubt that this game will finally unify the very much distinct Melee and Smash 4 crowds.

Please don’t result in having 3 Smash games at Evo next year.