Nintendo @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


Nah, SmashU is probably gonna be a direct replacement for 4 in virtually any competitive scene. I’m betting we’ll see a little more overlap between Melee and Ultimate since they’re fixing some of the biggest issues with low-risk strategies that have been plaguing the series since Brawl and subsequently 4.



On the bright side: even if there’s no Prime 4 coverage, at least the Ridley design in Smash is absolutely killer. Don’t know if it crosses over to Prime, but you gotta respect the monster


I’m so excited about all of the stuff that came out today and is coming out tomorrow especially the Splatoon 2 DLC since I’m going on vacation. It’ll be the perfect experience while we’re traveling. I understand the disappointment of the lack of announcements outside of Smash, but man am I excited for that game. I love the filled out roster, and Pokémon Trainer is returning!!!


I feel the direct was underwhelming from an overall perspective. I was reallllllly hoping to see more of the new Yoshi game and a release date, but hopefully there’s more on that soon.

The smash portion was incredibly long, but I think this may be the most information we’ve gotten about a smash game at announcement. Sakurai is infamous for drip-feeding details for weeks on end about the roster, stages, even items in a game, and I bet there’s still more of that to come.

I’m glad they just came out and said all characters are returning. Definitely could have just stopped there though. Talking about minute aesthetic changes to characters is hardly what the people want.


I think they’re trying to capitalize on the popularity of the switch and Pokémon Go to bring more casual players into the Pokémon universe. Personally I’d like to have a more casual experience and a core Pokémon experience on the Switch: a Pokémon game for every mood, if you will.


The Washington Post laying out the hard truths for Nintendo: Waluigi was robbed and humiliated by Nintendo and his fans are furious.

On the Giant Bomb stream, Ben said something about how Nintendo believes that Waluigi fans are insincere in their fandom. Which, yeah, duh. But also wtf??


I’m hype for Smash and I hate myself for it b/c I am sincerely fucking terrible at fighting games. The worst thing about it is that the game that got me into Smash was Brawl, and I had loads of fun going through Subspace Emissary w/ my friends. I’m not sure how they’re gonna handle single player this time around, but I really wish they’d bring back something like that. A nice little local co-op story would be perfect for the Switch.

Pokemon Let’s Go couldn’t keep my attention at all. I don’t play Pokemon Go b/c the need to keep location on drains the battery from my phone, which is an older model. I don’t really care that much about going back to Kanto, since the game I liked most from the Gameboy Era was Crystal, and that already got a remake in SoulSilver/HeartGold. Safe to say I won’t be bothering with it.

I was hoping for a new Animal Crossing game too, but I didn’t think that would pan out. After New Leaf and it’s upgrades, Happy Home Academy, and Pocket Camp, I think they’re looking to take the franchise to a place that’s a bit bigger in concept and scale, and that’s gonna take time.

I bought the Splatoon 2 DLC yesterday night as a pre-order when I saw it up on the store. Still working my way through the base game single-player levels, but now I’ll have something do to during my trip next week. But man oh man, get a load of those amiibos.


That nintendo direct was…

Well maybe next time.

I got to go play Hollow Knight.


Buddy… I think I have some bad news for you…


The stream was literally everything I could ask for, the extended smash event that spent time going into detail about small changes like Samus’ mid-air charge and how the game now punishes you if you perfect shield incorrectly seemed to bore a lot of people but it was my favourite part of e3.

I felt like I was acknowledged and that the event was specifically catering to me which has never happened at any of these press conferences before.

Also mario party is back baby!!!


I’m very excited about Fire Emblem. I don’t have a Switch yet, but that’s fine I can get one in the next 9 months or whatever.
Am I right in that this is the first, like, Console fire emblem since Radiant Dawn on the Wii?
My mind says it’s an ideal series for handhelds (I really like Echoes) but, dang, I could really go for shuffling magic soldiers around on the big tv again. (Or, yes, the smaller Switch screen, so, best of both I guess.)


The Pokémon games are adorable, and I appreciate how much effort they’re putting into making them accessible to new players. I wish they didn’t always go back to Kanto but this is pretty clearly an experiment to pull new players in before dropping a new core series game, so I’m quite satisfied. That said, $50 for the Poké Ball controller is ridiculous and I’ll just get one of the games and enjoy it on its own merit.

Daemon X Machina looks amazing, I love to see games with ineresting/different aesthetics.

I’m psyched for Smash, if only because the ergonomics of the Pro Controller and the proven ability of the Switch to host online matches (see Spla2n) means that I’ll enjoy it a lot more than I did Smash on 3DS. I’m sure they’ll hit us with DLC characters later too.

Fire Emblem looks cool visually but I haven’t been into the most recent entries that much so I’ll probably hold off.

I’m intrigued by the raw amount of time spent on Smash but also Nintendo has been spreading out announcements a bit more and hopefully we’ll get another indie showcase soon.


I said wish! :c