Nintendo @ E3 2021

Christmas for Nintendo fans starts in about 42 minutes. Here’s your landing pad.



METROID. Dear lord, anything Metroid. Just make it happen.


Do I dare dream of a BotW 2 update?

MP4 was reported to have been rebooted in January 2019, so my gut tells me that the most you’d get out of Retro at this point is a CG teaser like The Outer Worlds 2.

@Navster That, on the other hand, is very within the realm of possibility.


Would love to see what Monolith has been up to :slight_smile:

Don’t really like the conversation about “winning E3,” really, but I will say that Nintendo giving us news about Zelda and something else big is going to look very good this year.

Also I hope they spend another 30 minutes talking about somewhat obscure JRPG mechanics. Seems like that drives most people nuts, but I love it!

I feel like they will mention BotW 2 because they more or less have to, but I don’t expect anything like a date. Part of me thinks there will be a Zelda collection or something like Mario All Stars as well. My heart wants otherwise, but my head tells me no Bayonetta, no Metroid, and no new IP/Suprise sequel like FZero or anything.

Also at this rate I’m 80% of the way to thinking there’s no new Switch either.

Nintendo said at the Direct where they announced Skyward Sword HD that there’s an update on Breath of the Wild 2 coming “later this year,” which made their E3 Direct the most logical place to put it (at least to me).

As to the Super Switch, I keep thinking about the chip shortages and how that might affect things. My Dunning-Kruger senses told me that Nintendo might be hoping to tie BOTW2 to the Super Switch and that the chip shortages might be pushing out a ways.

Honestly, I’m hoping for a sequel to Ring Fit Adventure. It’s a good game, but you can tell that it was sort of a proof of concept type game. Now that they have a base to work from, they could make an amazing sequel

The announcements Nintendo has on twitter say something like “40 minutes exclusively of Nintendo Switch software coming in 2021” or something, so yeah, pretty slim chance there will be the Switch Pro announcement. That’s a bummer though! My Switch is dying and I want to wait for the new one to be announced before deciding to fix it or just upgrade.

I think we’ll get a release date for BotW2. But my gut says it’ll be a 2022 date.

Does this mean no talkovers?


It I was a betting person, I’d bet against any new Switch hardware announcements before the chip shortage is resolved. Nintendo is very careful when it comes to issues like that.

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Twitch solidarity, huh?

Nintendo continues to not understand The Onlines.


Update from the good folks over at Fanbyte


It’s a weird needle to thread because while I agree with you, there’s no end to the shortage in sight so at some point it becomes absurd to delay it further as opposed to just moving on to the next thing entirely.


Danielle out here giving no fucks.


Anyone think we’re going to get another “99” game to replace Pac Man?

May I propose: Metroid 99


My prediction for the reaction after this stream doesn’t have BOTW2, Prime 4, or Bayonetta 3.

But still must have SMTV, so get hype.