Nintendo @ E3 2021

Any time anyone asks for playable Zelda I’ve been thinking: hey, I agree, but it’s not happening. This is Nintendo. And Zelda trapped in the castle sure seems like they’re sticking true to form.


Really interesting that they still aren’t giving a name for Zelda. I wonder if it’ll tie into the Hyrule Warriors expansion in way that they don’t want to spoil yet.

Also, it’s very funny to me that they’re blurring out a logo on Doug’s official Nintendo-branded vest.

Breath of the Wild 2: Skyward Sword 2


The original Breath of the Wild and I didn’t get along but I’m just happy for the people waiting for it like I was for the people waiting on Elden Ring (commiserations with the Hollow Knight: Silksong folks). That Metroid thing looks neat though.



I’ll take it!

I want royalties Nintendo.

Jokes aside, BOTW2 (which, because they keep calling it “the sequel”, I’m assuming will actually have a separate title) looks very cool. Expanded traversal is the way to my heart. Flying and warping through barriers? Seems cool. I’m excited.

New 2D Metroid also looks cool! As does Fatal Frame. I’m just… even though I knew it wasn’t coming… plz give me some Silksong hope. Just a crumb, Team Cherry. Please.


I’m finding this Direct very hard to judge - I got to see some BOTW2, which is nice for me, and a vague release date, so it feels a bit less nebulous, but it was also a game we knew about, not a surprise. How did stuff land for other people? Advance Wars? Super Monkey Ball? Metroid Dread seems to be going down well at least.

Advance Wars fans have been suffering for decades and they deserve this.

If I hadn’t already gotten all three Danganronpa games on the PC and played them last year, that would be real cool.

Super Monkey Ball needs more love.

Metroid Dread looks awesome.


I’m pretty cool with this. Stuff like Danganrompa and SMT5 is exciting to me. Thrilled with new Metroid, the gameplay they’re showing now looks extremely slick. Excited to try out Advanced Wars. And Zelda was there!

Wish I knew what Monolith was up to. Otherwise this was fun.

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A new WarioWare and an Advanced Wars remaster is enough to make me happy, though on the overall, I think the indies “won” E3 with things like the Wholesome Direct. But still, adding some Skyward elements to BotW 2 has me much more interested in that game, so that’s a win. Tekken is a good pick for Smash. Metroid Dread could be cool, too.


I’m fascinated by the Skyward elements! It’s the only 3D Zelda I never played, so someone else would have to tell me whether this seems like it’s a purely aesthetic thing or there’s lore stuff going on, but it certainly makes the release of the HD version (over the “obvious” move of porting over the Wii U HD releases) seem to make more sense. Anyway, adding aerial locations makes me wonder whether the whole map will be in the sky or if this will be like an additional layer over a (possibly updated) BotW Hyrule.

I’m a Nintendo fan come lately (my 3DS was my first Nintendo thing since the Game Boy Advance), so a lot of the nostalgia people have for things like Advance Wars and Super Monkey Ball isn’t there for me. I’m glad that I’ll get an opportunity to check that stuff out, but I’m not frothing at the mouth over it. Metroid looked great. I would be much more willing to give Breath of the Wild another shot if there was no weapon durability in it. I thought Nintendo had a solid show full of stuff that’s likely to come out this year plus a little more BOTW2 for people to snack on, which is basically all anybody wanted.

Metroid is my favorite Nintendo series, which is sad, because things have been sparse for so long, and the last major non-remake release we had was Other M, which is best left not mentioned.

Anyway, as I told my wife, Metroid Dread made me happier than a kid on Christmas. This is what we have been asking for for years, and I’m so damn happy that it’s less than 6 months away!


Overall, I’m satisfied with this one. I got my SMTV release date, there’s a new WarioWare on the horizon, and as someone who never played the original Advance Wars or Super Monkey Ball games, I’m really excited for those remasters.

Also that entire Zelda segment leading up to the actual BOTW2 footage was a masterclass in trolling. When they pulled out the Game & Watch I legitimately laughed out loud.


I only played the DS Advance Wars games, so I’m pretty excited to play remakes of the GBA ones.

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They keep mentioning that Metroid Dread is a Metroid Fusion sequel. Nintendo: let me buy Fusion!


Advance Wars is great, glad if it’ll reach more people. Fantastic series. My small reservation is that the used 3D style, while cute on it’s own, seemed less snappy than the original 2D. The original games feel very fast. But maybe I didn’t get a proper enough look at it.

Liked the show overall, nothing mindboggling but plenty of fun stuff. 2D Metroid is most often very fun. Skyward Sword, well, I loved that game at release and haven’t played it since, but still don’t think I’ll put down a lot of money for a re-release. BOTW2 looks good, going into the sky looks like a great change of pace to the first, but it’ll be a hard follow-up still.

SMT5 looks dope as heckkkkkkk, really want to give it a go.

Overall, indie games like Gloomwood have still been the most interesting to me this E3.


With a lot of the games announced during this presentation, it almost felt like Nintendo celebrating the 20th anniversary of the GBA. Advance Wars, Metroid and Wario Ware are all games I strongly associate with the GBA


I loved that. More than anything, I’m impressed and excited by the fact they announced a handful of really slam-dunk titles with release dates 3-5 months away. That’s stellar.


I felt a little let down as well. I was initially pretty blah about the Metroid announcement, but when I got to see a bit more gameplay footage it actually does look pretty neat.

I was always gonna play BotW2, but I don’t think the new trailer did anything to get me more excited about the game even if sky towns are cool.

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