Nintendo Finally Answers: Is Mario Human?


A conversation with 'Super Mario Odyssey' Director Kenta Motokura proves very fruitful.

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Is… is Mario a dwarf? Has Mario had dwarfism all this time? Holy shit, is that why Peach and Luigi are so much taller than him?


I’m not used to getting such straight answers about Mario!

Really? Why is he so different?

In the world, there are many different types of people, you know.

Good answer.

It really is!

Also, be sure to read to the end to get the answer to the other all-important question: Is he still a plumber?


From watching the Super Mario Odyssey footage, I came to the conclusion that Mario is so short because he’s actually around 80 years old. His intense exercise regimen and vegan diet (composed in large part of mushrooms and flowers) allowed him to retain his youthful appearance.


That would also explain the size of his nose and ears because those keep growing throughout your whole life.


“[T]here are many different types of people” is my new absolute favourite non-answer to any question.


The depth of that answer blew my fucking mind. Like what the fuck is wrong with us that we question if Mario’s even human just because he looks different? That’s like European colonial expansion levels of bigotry.

Mario’s human and that’s that.