Nintendo Just Announced a Ton of Promising Indie Games for Switch


A mixture of exclusives, Switch-first releases, and ports have us excited about the coming months.

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really really really EXCITED about No More Heroes in ways I cannot comprehend right now


Kentucky Route Zero! I could see myself rebuying this.


My personal favs were:

Light Fingers - Killer aethetic and what looks like a properly substantial game for a bunch of friends.

Kentucky Route Zero - Yall keep hollering about this being the best thing ever so I’m down for grabbing it all at once.

Dragon: Marked For Death - Hell yes for just Good Games in this genre, with ace art to boot.

Away: Journey of the Unexpected - Didn’t get a place in the showcase beyond the intro sizzle reel, and god knows why because this ius absolutely my fave new announcement. Anime FPS RPG where you hit stuff with a stick.

Everything else I knew about in some way, but still, extremely happy to be reminded of Dandara and Battle Chef Brigade.


I’m simultaneously enthusiastic about another probably-great campaign in Shovel Knight, and also excited to see what Yacht Club Games are gonna make once they close the book on new Shovel Knight content. They’ve proven they can do no wrong as far as I I’m concerned.


Golf Story and Dragon: Marked for Death were my personal highlights, but they all looked really good!


NMH and KRZ are definitely on my list now!

Now where’s the Stardew release date PLEASE


I absolutely love the gameplay idea behind Morphies Law. The better you do, the harder it is to finish off the match. It sounds like it’s got great give and take, giving players on both sides the chance to win fairly. Plus the visuals of seeing different body parts swell up (phrasing) is just hilarious.

Lotta great titles in here! Things are looking up for ye old Switch


KRZ has a great aesthetic vibe. It feels like you are writing poetry as you play.

Amazing music too. The band in the game are a fan favorite and are supposed to be dropping an album too but it has been a while. Where is it? They released a single of one song from the game. It has a slightly different sound, a little more eighties in it.