Nintendo Keeps Banning These ‘Mario Maker’ Levels, But the Creators Just Publish Them Again

When a group of Super Mario Maker 2 designers called The Banned Wagon announced it was publishing a group of levels purposely pushing against conventional Mario level design, they knew Nintendo, a company that’s historically removed levels from its Mario Maker games without explanation, would come knocking. They knew the levels would get banned.

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Such a bizarre response to these levels from Nintendo. The kaizo designers deserve a better steward, but alas. Good to see them persevering and releasing these as “open source” for whatever purposes that may entail.

The idea that Nintendo has hired people to play Mario Maker levels and if they get too frustrated at them they just ban the level is incredibly funny to me and I really hope in 5 years we get another big Nintendo leak that is just the internal jira/zendesk ticket system of people filing tickets for why they are removing a level.