Nintendo Labo Made Me Feel Like I Was Playing With Lego Again

The Labo announcement a couple of weeks back certainly piqued my curiosity. It’s basically a new line of hybrid crafting toys and Switch games. A Labo project is a simple cardboard construction kit that you first build, then use with Switch Joycons and the Switch screen, alongside the freshly-build cardboard toy.

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Sadly it won’t have that effect on me. Because the way I played with Lego was to build everything to specification, wreck it by playing in a day or so, then throw all the bits in the big ol’ Bin O’ Bricks with crap from all kinds of sets and build entirely new, random things from that. I reckon that if I’d wreck my Labo construction I can’t really do much more than look at it sadly.

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I don’t know if I’ll ever get these myself, but I am so glad Nintendo exists and continues to be fucking weird.

I used to be one of those “Nintendo should get out of hardware and just make software for everyone!” people, but the last couple of years have proven how incredibly wrong I was.


My nephews are going to love these since their getting into programming and building.